Select Payment Methods

Select Payment Methods #

Select Payment Methods

By default, ConnectPOS enables both Split Tenders and Layaway. You can choose to enable or disable these features by going to Settings –> POS Settings –> Checkout.

Select Payment Methods

Change the toggle to green to enable the feature.

Layaway #

When your customers don’t bring enough money, let them make a deposit and pay for the rest later instead of seeing them walk away and (likely) never come back for that order.

To accept a deposit:

  • On the Checkout screen, click Pay.
  • Select the payment method(s) they want to make a deposit with and choose Confirm.

Set the paying amount to be lower than Grand Total.

  • Click Partial.
Select Payment Methods

And done! Now you can even print or email the partial-paid receipt to the customers as a friendly reminder.

When the customers come back, you can go to Order List and find their partial paid order. To add the remaining amount to the order:

Go to Order List, find the order you need.

Click More > Add Payment

Select Payment Methods

Choose the payment method(s) and add the remaining amount.

Click on “Complete“.

Select Payment Methods

Pay with Reward Points #

ConnectPOS supports paying with Reward Points (aka Store Credit). Reward Points will be displayed on the checkout screen as an option that can be selected, and only applied to a specified customer (not a guest customer). Reward Points will be deducted directly from the amount to be paid.

Select Payment Methods
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