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A Comprehensive Training Guide For Cashiers

Many businessmen, especially rising owners and start-up directors, are struggling to find the right path to train their staff.

So to help store owners further understand the importance of cashiers as well as build up a suitable training program, ConnectPOS gladly presents a comprehensive training plan tailor-made for cashiers in the retail business.

We believe that our document will definitely give you the best insights about how to maximize the potential of your cashiers.

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Top Tailor-made POS Systems For Your Business

Each industry has its own traits, and we hope that you, retail business owners, can upgrade your store with the best POS system that suits your brand. That's why we create these listings based on the characteristics of each business types. We cover 7 industries:

top pos systems for toys

Toys, Hobbies and Gift

From personal special dates to worldwide holidays, the Toys, Hobbies and Gift retail industry is running at full speed the whole year.

To support such a heavy-loaded operation, a POS system is a must-have, especially when the boundary between online and offline shopping is getting blurrier.

top pos systems for supplements

Supplements and Nutrition

COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s buying behavior. With an upsurge in demands, supplements & nutrition suppliers need an extra helping hand to ensure proper business operations.

And a POS system for supplements & nutrition appears to be ‘just-right’ for this case.

top pos systems for sports

Sports and Outdoor

To secure a successful business, retailers need to find themselves a supportive “side-kick” to help them with their retail stores, especially in this hard time off Covid-19.

Today, let’s explore the 5 best POS systems for sports & outdoor retail with us!

top pos systems for furniture

Furniture and Homeware

The Furniture and Homeware industry is a goldmine that many retailers want to explore. To prepare for the real intense competition, a POS system is a multi-functioned weapon that stores must equip.

top pos systems for food and drinks

Food and Drinks

The Food & Drinks industry is a high-volume business that always requires a fast-moving process. That’s why a POS (point of sale) system is critically needed to ensure a smooth and seamless operation.

Also, you should not misunderstand these two industries: Restaurant and FnB since FnB brands only focus on supplying food and beverages products.

top pos systems for fashion

Fashion and Accessories

Fashion is such an intuitive and time-sensitive kind of industry that it is always hard for retailers to keep up with the constant change in the customers’ preferences and buying patterns.

Therefore, many technology companies have been developing a diversity of POS systems to meet the needs of fashion businesses.

top pos systems for restaurants


Unlike retail businesses, restaurants work in a very different way. In restaurants, a front-of-house staff member inputs customers’ orders into the POS system, and that information is immediately relayed to the back of house. Depending on the type of restaurant, the order can then close immediately (i.e. takeaways restaurants) or remain open until the end of the meal (i.e. fine dining restaurants).

A Success Story To Clear Your Hesitation

Do you believe that our customer insists on sharing this case study?

If you don’t, neither do we. It’s the other way around, as we’ve requested to share this particular success story with more growing fashion retail chains.

We hope this story can encourage you to be more ambitious in elevating your business with omnichannel solutions. It’s not rocket science to sell more smartly and fruitfully.

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How To Go Omnichannel?

top pos systems for toys

For any retailer, having only one channel: physical or online is not enough to compete in this intense market.

Therefore, one of the most trusted and favorite business models in recent years is the omnichannel business.

In this eBook, we will walk you through the process of building your ideal omnichannel business from scratch!

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