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In this article, we will guide you on setting up an Outlet as collecting order location, how customer can select an outlet as collecting point during checkout, and processing order on ConnectPOS.

Setup your outlet as collecting location

To set your outlet as collecting location, please follow these steps:

Open “Outlet & Register” setting.

Select an outlet to be used as collecting location.

outlet and register screen

From “Outlet Information“, toggle “Allow click and collect” to green, to enable your outlet as collecting location.

allow click and collect

Remember to setup your outlet’s address with the correct location on “Outlet Address“.

store locator

Click on “Save” to finish setting up your outlet as collecting location.

Customer select pick up location

To let customer select the collecting location, please follow these steps:

During checkout, at “Shipping” step, customer select ConnectPOS – Store Pick Up method.

A dropdown to select Outlet as picking up location will appear, along with the Google Map. Check the section above on how to setup Outlet as picking the location.

configure store locator

Customer checkout successfully, the order will be pushed to ConnectPOS immediately.

Processing order to be picked up on ConnectPOS

To start the picking process, please follow these steps:

Open ConnectPOS, select a register from Outlet with order to be picked up.

Open “Order List” page.

Find the order to be picked up, using order ID from customer.

By default, order status will be “Partially Paid – Await Picking“.

order list

After confirming customer’s payment, click on “Create Invoice” to create invoice on Magento.

create invoice

After creating invoice, order’s payment information will be shown in “Payment Information” section. Order status will be updated to “Complete – Await Picking“.

To start packing the order, click on “Start Packing“. Order status will be updated to “Complete – Picking In Process“.

click and collect

While packing, if there’s a problem with the order, you can click on Process Picking > Cancel Picking to stop the packing process. Click on “Start Packing” again to resume the process.

To finish the packing process, click on Process Picking > Confirm Pack.

After packing completely, the order status will be updated to “Complete – Await Collection“.

click and collect update status

Order will now be readied for customer to pick up.

After customer has picked up the order, click on “Confirm Collection“.

Confirm Collection

Order status will be updated to “Complete – Shipped“, completing the process.

complete order

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