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The Standalone POS solution for every retailer!

Empowering Business Owners with Exclusive Brick-and-Mortar Stores or Seamless Integration for Merchants with Both Online and Offline Presence

With robust tech, we enhance retail for growth and satisfaction

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Retail, CBD, Home & Furniture, and More

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Behind the success of ASUS, SeedCo, Eyewa, and Lapaire

Elevate your retail store with ConnectPOS

Efficient retail

Optimized Retail Operations

Unified Shopping

Seamless Omnichannel Experience

Future proof

Next gen POS integration

Retailer Solution

Transform your retail brick & mortal operations with our essential suite of feature
Multi-Location Control

Effortlessly manage operations across multiple retail locations

Multi-Device Access

Operate on PC, mobile (iOS, Android) for flexibility

Payment gateways

Secure, reliable payment processing with multiple gateways.

Varied Payments

Accept diverse methods for customer payment convenience

Real-time Sync

Instant data updates for seamless retail operations

Customer App

Engage customers with product updates and self-checkout convenience

Unifying the O2O Landscape

Experience the future of retail with ConnectPOS, the next-gen cloud-based POS solution. Seamlessly unite your online and offline business operations through MACH innovation, and pave the way for a unified O2O journey.

Customizable Requirements
Tailor your retail needs with a next-gen POS system powered by MACH structures.
  • Endless Integration: Seamlessly connect with third-party systems.
  • Efficient Inventory Management: Optimize stock for profitability.
  • Personalized Checkout: Delight customers for increased loyalty.
Order fulfillment
Streamline operations, automate inventory, and deliver accurate orders.
  • Improved Inventory Control: Prevent lost sales and overstocking.
  • Consistent Delivery: Meet customer expectations promptly.
  • Effective Staff Management: Optimize resource allocation for growth.
Gain exclusive insights, react for sustainable growth with:
  • Deeper Data Analysis: Harness advanced analytics.
  • Prevent Lost Sales: Proactively manage inventory for profitability.
  • Sustainable Growth: React promptly in a competitive retail landscape.

We have been trusted by more than 10,000 companies around the world

Wonderful customer support team always responds queries in time. The app is easy to setup and use.
Cotton Passion
Great system with many features. Customer support and service are all excellent. 10/10 recommended!
Tian Xin Vegetarian
The customer support has been super helpful since we started this venture. It totally suits our demands .
French-frites Designer

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