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Leverage Standalone POS to enhance customers' shopping experience

Unified shopping

Deliver a seamless shopping experience across multi-channel, enhancing customer satisfaction with Standalone POS.

Optimized retail operation

Our standalone pos solution streamlines processes from order fulfillment to inventory management.

Integrated next-gen POS

Future-proof retail with our next-gen Standalone POS solution, ensuring sustained growth through seamless integration.

Transform your in-store operations
with next-gen Standalone POS

Powerful standalone POS system

We offer a scalable Standalone POS system that seamlessly integrates and manages sales across various channels within an enterprise, providing flexibility to operate on both PC and mobile devices.

Centralize inventory management across channels or locations, efficiently monitoring, tracking, and controlling stock levels in real-time.

Secure, reliable process transactions using credit cards, mobile payments, digital wallets, and other emerging payment methods.


Seamless customer experience

Continuous and immediate synchronization of data between the POS software and business operating systems, such as inventory management, sales analytics, CRM, etc.

Integrate with Self-checkout system to speed up checkout, avoid any congestion during peak hours, offer quick and convenient customer transactions, and elevate the overall shopping experience.

Engage customers with product updates and self-checkout convenience.

Unify the O2O landscape

Experience the future of retail with Standalone POS, powered by ConnectPOS – the next-gen cloud-based POS solution. Seamlessly unite your online and offline business operations through MACH innovation, and pave the way for a unified O2O journey.

Fully-integrated to enhance Standalone POS's functionality

Our Standalone POS is ready to integrate with various top-tier partners including transactions, inventory, and customer data for a tailored and versatile retail solution.

standalone pos

Tailor-made POS to elevate retail for growth and satisfaction

Global reach

Support multi-currency, multilingual support, local 3rd solutions, and compliance with country-specific regulations.

Industry Focus

Create industry-specific product displays with user-friendly interfaces, ensure tailored features for each sector.

Customer Centric

Drive growth with 24/7 support, personalized solutions like assisted selling and loyalty programs.

Hear our customers speak

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    Frequently asked questions

    ConnectPOS offers a tailored Standalone POS designed for businesses with a chain of brick-and-mortar stores, catering specifically to those without an established e-commerce presence on platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. We provide comprehensive features and capabilities for efficient and seamless transactions.

    Yes. Whether it’s inventory management, customer relationship management, or other essential tools, ConnectPOS ensures compatibility for a cohesive and efficient operational ecosystem.

    Absolutely. ConnectPOS serves large businesses with scalability, advanced features, extensive customization, seamless integration capabilities, and dedicated enterprise-level support.

    ConnectPOS offers extensive customization options. From workflows to user interfaces, businesses can personalize the POS experience.

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