Sell Screen – User Interface

Accessing Sell Screen

To access ConnectPOS Sell Screen for the first time, please follow these steps:

  • Login on ConnectPOS using your username / password.
  • Select your store website.
  • Find your outlet, then click on your register.
Accessing Sell Screen
  • After selecting your register, you will be redirected to “Sell Screen“.
  • If you already logged in and open Sell Screen before, ConnectPOS will automatically load the selected register Sell Screen.

To access Sell Screen when you’re already logged in:

  • Click on the burger menu icon.
  • Click on “Sell Screen“.

Sell Screen – Cashier Interface

On the Sell Screen, you will see the following sections:

  • For the top section:
  1. Burger menu icon: Click here to open the side menu.
  2. Search field: Input search keywords here to filter products.
  3. Category section: List all categories created on your stores.
  4. Custom Sale” icon: Click here to start adding custom sale product to cart.
  5. Shipment” icon: Click here to start adding shipment to your order. Only available if there’s product in cart.
Sell Screen - Cashier Interface
Top Section
  • For the bottom left section:
  1. Breadcrumb: Breadcrumb section, default is the original category.
  2. Product Listing: Show your products here. Product list will depends on your warehouse, and product filters.
  3. View as” toggle: Allow you to switch product listing between Grid view and List view.
Sell Screen - Cashier Interface
  • The right section is the Cart:
  1. Clear Cart” icon: Allow you to clear the cart completely.
  2. Cart item count: Show the total number of product in your cart.
  3. Additional cart actions:
    1. Add Note: Add note for the order.
    2. Retrieve On-Hold Orders: retrieve save order(s).
    3. Save Current Cart: Save the cart, you can retrieve this cart then checkout on later dates.
  4. Customer section: Allow you add customer to cart, or uses the Guest customer.
  5. Product list: List all added products. You can edit product quantity, price and apply custom discount here.
  6. Cart Summary: Pricing Summary of your current cart. You can add coupon code and custom discount here.
  7. Pay” button: Click here to complete adding products to cart, proceed to payment screen.
Sell Screen - Cashier Interface

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