How to connect the BBPOS Card Reader

– Make sure the firmware is the latest version and is from
– Go to App store on iOS device (only available on iOS devices), find -> open app -> Login
– Connect to bbpos device -> update to latest version

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth.

Step 2: Open ConnectPOS and grant Bluetooth access to the app.

Step 3: On the sell screen, go to Settings and select Integrated Payment, then choose

Step 4: Add the desired products to the cart, select the customer, and click on Pay.

Step 5: Choose as your payment method.

Step 6: Enter your account information (skip this part in the video and use a frame with a note), then click Confirm and Complete.

Note: Initially, the screen may display a “failed” notification. Please try one more time.

Step 7: Turn on the BBPOS device. When the screen shows the message “Please select the reader device,” choose the device to connect.

Step 8: Insert or swipe the card to complete the payment. You will see a success message.

That’s it! Follow these steps to connect the BBPOS Card reader successfully.

If you want to watch the step-by-step video for guidance on connecting the BBPOS Card reader to the POS system, follow ConnectPOS Youtube Channel

How to connect the BBPOS Card Reader

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