Tax Calculation – Magento

Tax Settings #

In Magento, the tax of items in an order is calculated based on:

  • Product tax class
  • Customer tax class
  • Address for calculating tax (Shipping address, Billing address or Shipping Origin)

ConnectPOS pulls the Product tax class and Customer tax class data from Magento automatically in real-time. Therefore, you only need to configure the “Address for calculating Tax”.

To set up the “Address for calculating Tax” in ConnectPOS:

Go to Settings > POS settings > Outlet & Register

Select an Outlet

On Tax Calculation option, there are 2 options:

  • Outlet: Magento (and ConnectPOS) will take the address of the outlet as “address for calculating tax” for items in orders.
  • Magento: Configuration of Magento will be used to take address for tax calculation. You can change the configuration in Magento backend by going to System > Configurations > Sales > Tax > Tax Calculation Based On.

How taxes are calculated in ConnectPOS #

For some other POS systems, at Checkout step, have to send the information to Magento for tax calculation and then wait for the returned results. The time you have to wait depends heavily on your Internet speed and in case the Internet is down, it’s likely that you will get the wrong Grand Total results.

Unlike these Points of Sale, ConnectPOS pulls the tax settings from Magento to POS and calculates taxes directly in POS, following Magento tax rules strictly. It quickens the processes and ensures that you still get the right result even in Offline Mode.

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