Create Advanced Promotions With Commercetools POS

Thanks to Commercetools Point of sale system by ConnectPOS, you can smoothly run your store from multiple devices simultaneously

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Why Commercetools retailers choose ConnectPOS

Real-time synchronization for orders, products, customers & inventory

Discount and Gift cards supported

Create orders with products that are not available in stock

Compatible with both PC and mobile devices

Fully customizable

24/7 support

ConnectPOS x Commercetools: The new future for retailers

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It’s time to upgrade your business with an omnichannel experience. For Commercetools POS, ConnectPOS has prepared various advanced features to support your development.

  • Real-time synchronization: ConnectPOS supports auto-synchronization between the POS system and Commercetools inventories. Orders, customers info, taxation, stock numbers, etc. will be updated in a blink of an eye!

  • Various promotions: Our Commercetools Point of sale lets you set up multiple discount rules and promotion campaigns. We support popular programs such as Discount for customer groups, Buy X get Y, Gift cards and Reward Points.

  • Create special orders: It’s easy to create orders with products that are not available in your inventory. You can hold and retrieve a cart if customers cannot complete the transaction right at the moment. Our Point of Sale also helps you with quotes management.
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  • Multiple payment methods: Our POS system for Commercetools delivers the best checkout experience by supporting diverse payment methods, from cash to online transactions. We are also ready to integrate your chosen payment gateways, aside from many of our secured built-in gateways such as PayPal, Tyro or Moneris.

  • Sales data analysis: We collect data from various sources such as staff shifts, registers, number of sold products, etc. and convert them into user-friendly sales reports. More than 20 analyses are ready for you to explore!

  • Online and Offline mode: Commercetools POS by ConnectPOS can work well even though there is no Internet. With the Offline mode, your data will be saved locally and then updated when you get back online.

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