Add Custom Sale product

Enabling custom sale product

By default, custom sale product is enabled on ConnectPOS. If, however, you disabled the setting by accident, please follow these steps to enable the feature again.

Open Setting > POS Setting > Product & Category.

Find setting: Custom Sale.

Toggle “Enable Customer Sale” to “Yes” to enable the feature.

Enabling custom sale product
Custom Sale setting

Adding custom sale product to cart

To add a custom sale product to cart, please follow these steps:

First, make sure that the product is enabled on your POS.

Open Sell Screen.

Click on “Custom Sale” icon. The icon is on the same row as search field.

Adding custom sale product to cart

A popup will appears. Input the following information:

  • Title: Custom sale product name.
  • Quantity: Quantity of custom sale product to be added to cart.
  • Price: Custom sale product price.

Click on “Add To Cart” to add the custom sale product to cart.

custom sale


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