Supermarket POS: Next-Gen Retail Experience admin January 22, 2024

From carts to profits: Our POS drives your supermarket success

Fresh tech, flourishing sales

Equip your supermarket with next-gen POS features for a smooth, modern shopping experience.

From self to checkout

Simplify grocery operations and boost efficiency in every area, from managing produce to tracking inventory.

Grocer guarantees

Supercharge your grocery journey with unmatched customer support.

Dynamic supermarket POS that packs features for store growth

Effortlessly manage every store from any device, anywhere and anytime

Multi-store management

Our multi-store POS system puts your supermarket mastery at your fingertips, conducting seamless operations from a single, powerful hub.

Dynamic stock control

Track inventory like a seasoned grower, syncing updates, optimizing orders, and getting low-stock alert.

Scalable adaptability

Watch your supermarket grow with a POS system that scales seamlessly, effortlessly adapting to your ever-expanding horizons.

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Equip your supermarket with personalized features

Customized screen layout

Tailor the POS screen to match the unique layout and needs of your grocery stores or supermarkets.

Effortlessly manage staff

Monitor staff schedules, permissions, and performance. Track sales targets, incentivize top performers, and ensure seamless shift handovers.

Payment freedom

Let your customers pay their way: cards, wallets, apps - we cater to every shopper's preference.

Eliminate delays in shopping journey

Frictionless checkout

Enable self-checkout kiosks, mobile payments, and contactless options for a faster, smoother shopping experience.

Convenient E-invoice

Our eco-friendly e-receipts land effortlessly in your inbox, ready to be saved, shared, or used for easy returns.

Detailed customer profiles

Capture purchase history, preferences, and allergies to offer targeted promotions, personalized recommendations.


Conduct flawless operations with flexible POS integration for supermarkets

From produce scales to loyalty programs, we integrate flawlessly with other business software, such as payment platforms, ERP system, accounting, CRM systems, Marketplace, creating a unified ecosystem that optimizes operations.

integration pos

Design a POS that elevates your supermarket brand

From personalized greetings to curated product displays, it’s a canvas to paint your brand personality and turn every checkout into a memorable moment. Provide an exceptional and seamless retail experience, ensuring efficient operations and customer satisfaction.


Hear our customers speak

ConnectPos has many features and is scalable. The assistance is always ready to answer any question, professional and kind. Perfect synchronization of the products with the physical store and online store.
Outstanding POS software with a perfect help administration. We are using this POS for several years now in our company. Every single employee can work with this POS. Looks great and has a simple manual for understanding.
CS and all supporting staff respond to my issue immediately even they live in another time zone. The staff are well trained and are willing to help customers. I feel like I am getting full support all the time.

Transform your supermarkets with ConnectPOS today

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer various features to build customer relationships for your grocery stores and supermarkets. These include loyalty programs, personalized offers, birthday reminders, and targeted promotions based on purchase history.

We offer several features to speed up checkout, including self-checkout kiosks, barcode scanners, contactless payment options, and mobile ordering solutions. Plus, our software is optimized for fast order processing and reduces manual entry errors.

Yes, our POS integrates with various payment gateways and supports diverse payment options to cater to all your customers’ preferences.

Yes, our POS provides robust inventory management features like real-time stock tracking, automatic purchase orders, and low-stock alerts. You can also group items by category, set minimum quantities, and track expiration dates to minimize waste and optimize order fulfillment.

Yes! Segment your customers based on purchase history and preferences, then send personalized deals and reward repeat buyers with points, discounts, and exclusive offers.

Absolutely! Our POS solutions are designed to adapt to every business type, whether you’re are convenience stores, gas stations, shopping centers, department stores, discount and dollar stores, supercenters, hypermarkets, and warehouse clubs, and more.

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