PayPal Here Integration Guide

ConnectPOS supports retailers using PayPal Here payment gateways. Here’s the full PayPal Here integration guide for ConnectPOS:

1. Look for your Client ID and Secret Key here:

2. Go to and follow this instruction to have your app reviewed by PayPal Here:

PayPal Here Integration Guide

Sample email

To: [email protected]

Subject: API Review Request

Dear PayPal Here App Preview team,

Please refer to this below information for the Login App Review:

  1. Client ID: [your client ID]
  2. The site is called ConnectPOS which is a web-based Point of Sale provider that syncs directly with our [platform] e-commerce website data, while also operating as an in-person point of sale system, as we are opening a brick and mortar store to add to our customer channels. We have long operated an e-commerce site at [your site], where we accept online PayPal payments and online credit card payments via [your payment gateways].  In essence, we need the API to allow our PayPal Here reader, our PayPal account [your PayPal Here account] and our ConnectPOS online account to communicate, so that we can process in-person credit card transactions taken in our upcoming brick and mortar store.
  3. See no. 2 above for this description.
  4. [Your attributes: Full name, Email, Address for example]
  5. All of these requested attributes are necessary to enable PayPal HERE and/or connect with PayPal to function when accepting in-person credit card transactions via our ConnectPOS online cash register.
  6. Return URL:
  7. Privacy Policy URL: [your privacy policy]
  8. Terms and Conditions URL: [your terms and conditions]

We kindly ask that you review our API as soon as possible.

Thank you.

3. After receiving the approval from PayPal Here, go to Menu > Settings > POS Setting > Integrated Payment > PayPal Here, or create a New Payment if PayPal Here isn’t listed, and fill in the information (choose Live gateway for Live site). After that, hit Pair > Save.

PayPal Here Integration Guide

4. When proceeding a payment using PayPal Here, there will be a pop-up dialog asking to install PayPal Here application to install.

PayPal Here Integration Guide

5. Download and setup the PayPal Here Web Interface.

PayPal Here Integration Guide

6. Have all the conditions checked as follows:

PayPal Here Integration Guide
PayPal Here Integration Guide

7. Go back to ConnectPOS and proceed payment again.

PayPal Here Integration Guide
PayPal Here Integration Guide
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