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ConnectPOS and Reward Points: Grow Your Repeat Customer Base

It’s a well-known fact that repeat customers are the key to any profitable businesses, accounting for 25% - 40% of the revenue. E-commerce and retailing are no exception. That’s why retailers put much effort in building a loyalty program to keep customers coming back. With the movement of retail towards omnichannel model, it’s inevitable that customers now expect to be rewarded for their purchases and their loyalty anywhere they go, web store or physical stores. An omnichannel loyalty program that... Read More
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Magento 2: Version 2.1.8 available with over 90 updates

Magento has just sent out an announcement today that a new set of Magento 2.1 updates are now available for both Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise Edition) and Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition). Based on the requests and bug reports from the community, Magento has made over 100 functional fixes and enhancements as well as pull requests from the community. This release includes important enhancements to your Magento software, from API to checkout and payments. The performance of mass actions is also... Read More
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The Key Elements of Omnichannel Strategy

Brands nowadays have plenty of ways to reach their customers, such as in brick and mortar stores, or on mobile, desktop, and social media. The challenge is, you can never be sure which channels your customers are going to use to get in touch with your brand. Customers can experience a disconnection from brands that do not make use of an omnichannel approach when they move between channels. While many customers can be a loyal customer to one channel and... Read More
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