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A Shopify Point of Sale app that requires NO transaction fees. 200+ stores are creating seamless journeys with our POS for Shopify

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Why retailers choose our Shopify POS

Real-time synchronization for orders, products, tax & inventory

Create orders with products that is not available in stock

Multi-store and multi-warehouse management

Compatible with both PC and mobile devices (iOS & Android)

No additional fees for third-party transactions

24/7 support

Shopify x ConnectPOS: The ideal solution for growth hacking

shopify pos app or extension support multiple payment methods

ConnectPOS is the scalable foundation you need to upgrade your Shopify Point of Sale. Built for businesses of all sizes, ConnectPOS can be customized for all your needs!

  • Real-time synchronization: Our app instantly updates stock between inventory and the POS system for consistent shopping sessions.

  • Click-and-Collect: For online orders, customers can drop by the physical store to pick up/refund/exchange items after completing the transactions.

  • No transaction fees when using third-party payments: You don't need to pay transaction fees for ConnectPOS, only pay directly to third-party providers.
  • Multiple payment methods: ConnectPOS accepts diverse payment methods: Cash, debit/credit cards, gift cards or reward points. We are ready to secure your transaction with reliable payment gateways such as PayPal or Tyro!

  • Comprehensive reports system: Our Shopify POS equips you with more than 20 in-depth sales analysis based on various criteria such as registers, staff members and payment methods.

  • Advanced technology: We apply cutting-edge technology to begin your omnichannel journey! Starting with AI Facial recognition, customers can receive better suggestions as soon as they step into the store. At the checkout counter, a wireless screen makes orders easier to proceed. The whole journey is furthered improved with our amazing PWA app.

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    This app works extremely well and I am more than impressed with the tech support provided. Would recommend everyone to try it. As far as i know it's the best shopify pos app i've ever seen.

    Carine Pet Central, Australia
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