Redeem Loyalty Points

Choosing your loyalty integrations

ConnectPOS offers multiple reward point / loyalty integrations for you to choose. 

For information on enabling which integration, please click here.

For information on configuring points exchange rate / earn rate, please click here.

Pay for order using Loyalty / Reward points

  • Before making a sale with Loyalty / Reward points, please make sure that the integration is enabled, and exchange/earn rates are defined.
  • Additionally, Loyalty / Reward points can only be used for registered customer. Using Loyalty / Reward points with  “Guest Customer” will not be applicable.

To use Loyalty / Reward points for order, please follow these steps:

  • Add items to order.
  • Select a customer.
  • Click on “Pay“.

On the payment screen, you will see the following information for Loyalty / Reward Points:

  • Reward Point” row: Show customer’s points balance.
  • Points earned“: Number of points customer will earn after checkout.
Pay for order using Loyalty / Reward points
  • To apply customer’s points to order, click on “Use ‘n’ reward point” button. Loyalty / Reward Points to be applied will be equal or less than order total.
  • If the points only paid partially of the order, you can select a payment method to pay the remainder of the sale.
  • Click on “Complete” to complete the sale using Loyalty / Reward Points.

Check customer’s Loyalty / Reward points balance

To check customer’s point balance:

  • At the Sell Screen, add a customer to cart.
  • Click on customer’s name.
Check customer's Loyalty / Reward points balance
  • A popup for customer’s detail will appears. Click on “Others” tab.
  • Details of customer’s points balance will be shown here.
Check customer's Loyalty / Reward points balance

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