Solution – Reporting & analytics Van Nguyen September 6, 2023

Supervise store performance

Track anywhere, anytime

Stay updated everywhere with real-time reports for revenue, product, customers .. from multiple stores and warehouses

Utilize insightful decisions

Take a deep dive to understand what your customers want, if stores and staffs are meeting HQ team's standards

Boost sales & revenue

Increase profits and avoid lost sales by identifying the best-sellers, customer retention rates and in-store performance

Elevate your business
with comprehensive POS reporting

feature POS report

Monitor multiple stores and registers in real-time

Daily reports provide up-to-the-minute information about sales, order, inventory from multiple touchpoints

• Track down data created by sale business in dashboard
• Select the store, relevant ecommerce platform for data viewed
• Convert all current data to selected currency from store for better management cross regions

Handle numerous changes in inventory management

Inventory visibility allows business avoid overstocking or stockouts. Keep real-time tracking with order fulfillment process

• Keep up with starting and ending quantities, purchase, sales, transfer, stocktake, ...
• Provide inventory evaluation with for each products with potential profit revenue, profits, margins
• Strengthen relationship with customers and suppliers with accurate and on-time POS analytics
Next gen POS
Nextgen POS 2

Prevent lost sales by deeper data analytics

Advanced analytics tools that can understand buying patterns and keep a close eye on stock levels

• Use historical sales data to forecast future demand accurately
• View the most popular products in-store and online and which products cause lost sales
• Take advantage of historical data to tailor marketing efforts and offer personalized recommendations

Customize report and comparison

Custom reports provide in-depth, granular insights, making it easier to identify trends, outliers, and opportunities that relevant to their business

• View performance from Day, Month, Custom date or Compare date: Last X Day, Week, Month, Year
• Separate data from online and in-store for better transparency
• Select which report to view in the dashboard: customer, discount, refund,...

Leverage store report
with ERP Partner

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