How To Change Logo On Receipt Template

When editing a receipt template, you can add your own logo to be displayed on the receipt.

How to change receipt template logo in ConnectPOS

In order to use your own logo, you need to upload the logo to a website so that a URL of the photo is generated.

For Shopify users, you can upload the logo directly to your Shopify store.

Upload your logo to Shopify store

From your Shopify store, go to Settings –> File.

How to upload image to Shopify
From your Shopify store, go to Settings –> File.
Upload your image to Shopify
Click “Upload files” and upload the logo you want to use in the receipt
Your Logo's URL in Shopify CDN
After uploading, an URL will be generated so that you can use to display the logo.

After uploading the logo and get the link, you can go back to ConnectPOS and use the link to update your logo.

ConnectPOS settings
ConnectPOS settings
Add logo to your receipt template

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