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Promotion is one of the best way to push sales. ConnectPOS supports your promotion settings in E-commerce site.

Promotion types

  • Catalog Price Rules - Catalog price rules can be used to selectively put products on sale under certain conditions. Catalog price rules do not use coupon codes, because they are triggered before a product is placed into the shopping cart.
  • Shopping Cart Price Rules - Shopping cart price rules create discounts for orders at the checkout level, based on a set of conditions. The discount can be applied automatically when the conditions are met, or be applied when the customer enters a valid coupon code. When applied, the discount appears on the shopping cart page under the subtotal.
  • Special Price - To offer a Special Price, enter a discounted price and complete the date range fields to establish when the promotion goes into effect.
  • Tier Price - Tier pricing lets you offer a quantity discount from the catalog list and product detail pages. The discount can be applied to a specific store view or customer group.

Note: On ConnectPOS, Special Price and Tier Price will be automatically updated in realtime.


In ConnectPOS, you can discount both on selected items in cart and the whole cart.

Discount on selected items

To discount on a single item:

  • Click on the item you want to discount in the cart. The product detail section will be expanded.
  • In the Discount field, choose % if you want to discount by percentage or $ if you want to discount by a flat number
  • Fill in the discount amount. It will be applied immediately to the grand total.
  • Click on the product to close the expanding section.

Discount the whole cart

To discount the whole cart:

  • Click on the upper arrow to expand the Cart Value Calculation section.
  • Click on Discount, choose to apply the discount by % or flat number and enter the discount amount. Or you can apply Coupon Code and click Check to discount the whole cart.

Override the price

To override the price of an item in cart:

  • Click on the item you want to discount in the cart. The product detail section will be expanded.
  • In the Price field, enter the new price.
  • Click on the item to close the expanding section. The new price will be displayed and calculated towards the Grand Total.

For promotion programs such as “Buy 3 get 1”, Split products in cart will be useful for you. View a detailed instruction HERE.

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