Integrate ConnectPOS with WooCommerce plugin

Please follow these steps to install the ConnectPOS plugin on your WooCommerce store:

Step 1: Install the ConnectPOS plugin on your WooCommerce store

Login to your WooCommerce admin store

Navigate to Plugins > Add New.

Search for the plugin using the keyword: "connectpos".

Click on "Install Now".

Wait for installation. Then click on "Activate Now" to finish installing the plugin.

Step 2: Generate Rest API keys

Before adding a WooCommerce store to your ConnectPOS account, please follow these steps:

Login to your WooCommerce/WordPress admin store.

Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings from your navigation bar.

Navigate to Advanced > Rest API

Click on "Add Key", or "Create an API Key".

Input a description "ConnectPOS" for this key.

Select a user.

Set permission option to "Read/Write".

Click on "Generate API key" to generate the API keys.

Two API keys will be generated. Please remember to copy these keys before closing this page as you won't be able to view those keys again.

Step 3: Activate your ConnectPOS account

Contact our ConnectPOS support team here and provide us with the following information: Your store URL, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret for us to activate your account. You should receive an email informing your username and instructing you to update your password at your Account Management site. If you're unable to update your password, kindly let ConnectPOS support team know.

Step 4: Add WooCommerce store to your ConnectPOS account

After your account is successfully activated by the Support Agent from ConnectPOS, it's time to add the WooCommerce store to your ConnectPOS account.

Access ConnectPOS's Account Management site with the provided ConnectPOS credential.

Open the Side Menu, navigate to Account > License.

Click on "View Detail" on "Smart POS" product row.

From "General" tab, click on "NEW URL".

When a popup appears, fill in the information as follows and then "Save".


In your WooCommerce Admin site, please be reminded to select Post name as the permalink instead of the other options.

set up woocommerce permalink

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