Vape Shop POS System internmkts January 23, 2024

Vape Store POS that blows revenue into your business

Innovative technology

Make your stores stand out with next-gen technologies like API Integration, Microservice structure to easily customize and adapt to market trends

Streamlined workflow

Manage and grow your business sustainably with tailored tools, real-time data insights, and intelligent automation that streamline your operations

Personalized assistance

Get personalized support in your preferred language from our friendly and knowledgeable support team to easily implement and maintain your POS system

Full-featured Vape Shop POS for your stores

Powerful operational management

Multi-location management

Centralize and synchronize real-time sales, inventory, and performance data from all your locations to provide comprehensive and actionable business insights

Seamless e-commerce integrations

Effortlessly integrate with e-commerce platforms, enhanced by age verification, product categorization, and compliance management integrations to scale your business and capture more sales

Quick, trackable order fulfillment

Fulfill Vape orders with international standard order fulfillment process and also innovative solutions like Click-and-collect service to extend business reach

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Features tailored for selling Vape products

Thorough product categorization

Extensively create product variants by flavors, size, coils, batteries and nicotine level for accurate, diversed product categorization that simplify customers' navigation

Vape products payment options

Accommodates diverse payment options including cash, cards, split tenders and integrated gateways to simplify and diversify customers' payment process

Tight inventory control

Receive real-time inventory data with low-stock notifications, stock demand forecast and re-ordering feature to avoid popular items from going out-of-stock in peak hours

Powerful operational management

Advanced reporting

Acquire detailed data analytics of purchase history, preferences (product types, flavors, nicotine levels) to personalize offers for customer satisfaction

Self-service Kiosk

Provide distinctive experiences with customized self-checkout feature for e-cigarettes products that includes an ID-scanner to reduce customer wait time

Reward programs

Recognize regular customers by offering store credits, reward points, and personalized incentive programs to build a loyal customer base

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Unleash the full potential of an e-cigarette business with flexible integrations

ConnectPOS seamlessly connects to Vape-specific distributors, payments, accounting, CRM, marketing automation and hardware systems, giving Vape stores the flexibility and tools to scale in any direction with both online sales or in-store operations.

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Bespoke Vape Shop POS for your business

ConnectPOS can be easily redesigned to serve Vape store POS. From customized product categorization, loyalty programs, sales and inventory data reporting to age verification processes, e-cigarette businesses can trust ConnectPOS to solve every problems they face and adapt to the growing e-cigarette industry.


Perfect solution for our customers


ConnectPOS helps Global Vapor collect in-depth insights from customers’ purchase history and shopping trends with customer profiling features


ConnectPOS helps Dampfi's capture omnichannel customer loyalty with multi-warehouse inventory management

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Smoke Arsenal finds a customizable, scalable omnichannel solution in ConnectPOS when migrating to BigCommerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have built-in tax calculation tool and can also integrate with age verification tools. Both can be used for additional features like self-checkout kiosk.

Yes, we provide white label service to allow Vape, CBD and Cannabis stores to implement their own branding on the POS system.

Yes, ConnectPOS customization also includes interface and checkout screen to reflect the store’s branding. We can ensure that our clients can consistently maintain their brand images.

ConnectPOS accepts all major payments like cash, debit/credit card and even layaway. The system also integrates with many payment processors to provide stores with a multitude of options.

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