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ConnectPOS supports many delivery methods from Magento:

  • On Sell Screen, click on the truck icon at the end of the search bar
  • A pop up will appear. If a customer has provided address(es) for home delivery before, his/her address(es) will be listed here for you to choose.
  • Click “New Address” to add a new shipping address. You can choose different shipping method by clicking on “Shipping Method” dropdown. 
  • Shipping method:
    • Store Shipping: you can manually import Shipping Fee in Store Shipping method.
  • Retail Store Pick Up: you can select the outlet that your customer wish to ship their order from by clicking on the Select Outlet dropdown.
  • Other shipping methods from Magento: you can enable more shipping methods by going to Setting > POS Setting > Shipping methods. Click “Save” when you are done.

Note: You can only enable a shipping method in ConnectPOS if it has been enabled in Magento. To find out more about shipping method in Magento referring to:

  • Click Add Shipment to add the information and fees to the order.
  • To edit the shipping information or fee, click the truck icon again. You can remove the shipment or update a new shipment method.

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