Shipping – Magento

ConnectPOS supports many delivery methods from Magento:

On Sell Screen, click on the truck icon at the end of the search bar

A pop up will appear. If a customer has provided address(es) for home delivery before, his/her address(es) will be listed here for you to choose.

Click “New Address” to add a new shipping address. You can choose a different shipping method by clicking on “Shipping Method” dropdown.  You can choose Store Shipping, which let you manually import Shipping Fee in Store Shipping method.

Retail Store Pick Up: you can select the outlet that your customer wishes to ship their order to by clicking on the Select Outlet dropdown.

Other shipping methods from Magento: you can enable more shipping methods by going to Setting –> POS Setting –> Shipping methods. Click “Save” when you are done.

Note: You can only enable a shipping method in ConnectPOS if it has been enabled in Magento. To find out more about shipping method in Magento referring to:

Click Add Shipment to add the information and fees to the order.

To edit the shipping information or fee, click the truck icon again. You can remove the shipment or update a new shipment method.

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