Add Customers

Add Customers

After being installed successfully, ConnectPOS will start synchronizing your E-commerce site database to POS, including customers and customer groups. Any changes you made in your E-commerce site customer database will be synced to ConnectPOS and vice versa. 

Create a new customer

To create a new customer and add to cart:Click the “+” icon next to Guest Customer

  • Fill in the required information.
  • Assign the customer to a customer group (if applicable)
  • Click “Save”

The newly created customer will be added to your customer list in E-commerce site.

Find an existing customer

One of the data that ConnectPOS synchronizes with Magento is customer data, including all customer information (their contact information, purchase history and reward points) and customer groups.

To find an existing customer in the system:

  • Click “Guest Customer” to open the search bar.
  • Type in name, email or phone number to find the customer
  • Click on the customer to add to cart

Check out as Guest

By default, the order will be checked out with Guest Customer provided that you’ve enabled “Check out as Guest” for the stores in POS Settings.

To enable “Check out as Guest” for a store:

  • From the sidebar of your Sell Screen, go to Settings > POS Settings > Outlet & Register
  • Click to choose the store you want
  • Enable “Allow Guest Customer”
  • Click Save

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