Our story

A product company established based on 10 years of e-commerce experience from SmartOSC,
ConnectPOS aims to build an omnichannel ecosystem for retail industry.

Our passion is to contribute to transforming the future retail, not only in our country but all over the world.
We move towards the omnichannel model to integrate sales channels, ensure single database and management process for both online and offline environment. We apply cutting-edge technology (AI, Big Data, Real-time Image processing...) to create an optimized retail environment that benefits both sellers and buyers at reasonable costs.

ConnectPOS is the first product in the ecosystem, making transactions in physical stores become easy and automatic. It enables consumers to click and collect, synchronize information across platforms and devices and
have a seamless shopping experience. It also helps retailers digitalize customer behaviors, track data in real time
at customer touchpoints and provide intelligent business recommendations.

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Mohammad Cheema

Bathroom Takeaway, UK

The team has shown outstanding work and commitment to our help requests. I would really like to thank you all for your hard work and efforts, without your help we would be clueless and worried.