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What you can only find at our BigCommerce POS for enterprises?

A seamless data update

ConnectPOS guarantees 100% data real-time updates between your physical store and BigCommerce.

Multiple stores management

Our next-gen POS scales with your BigCommerce growth, managing online, offline, and warehouse channels in one app

Flexible adjustment

ConnectPOS adapts to businesses' unique needs, offering a tailored solution that evolves with growth goals

All your growth essentials in a unified BigCommerce POS

Omnichannel solution

Our BigCommerce POS seamlessly syncs brick-and-mortar sales, inventory, and orders to your backend automatically for a comprehensive business overview.

Avoid over-selling by syncing 3rd-party channel inventory seamlessly with BigCommerce POS APIs, allowing real-time stock edits directly in the POS.

Beyond traditional methods, our BigCommerce POS integration offers diverse payment options—cash, store credits, QR code scanning, or even 1-minute self-checkout.


Empower growth

Optimize profits through instant insights into revenue, products, and customer data across various stores and warehouses in real-time

Tailor workflows and store operations seamlessly across multi-channels, managing diverse product ranges in sync with your BigCommerce store settings

Delight customer by leveraging customer experience with BigCommerce POS loyalty integrations, built-in reward points and next-gen features

Ready to integrate for multi-location businesses

Empowers BigCommerce Enterprises by creating a cohesive and efficient business ecosystem with leading accounting, payment, ERP & CRM software according to your demands

bigcommerce POS

Your Customized POS for perfect harmony with BigCommerce

Broaden footprints

Globalize and localize transactions with multi-language receipts, elevating personalized customer interactions.

Transform system

Efficiently handle and automate workflows with our customizable, cloud-native, and headless solution.

Customer Engagement

Constantly meet evolving customer demands with cutting-edge technology like AI and self-service.

Meet our customers

1000+ active users o prove our powers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We’re more than ready to support your retail operation by expanding the power of our POS with other third-party systems.

    We do not charge for transactions, you only have to pay the fee for your chosen payment gateway providers.

    We are a subscription-based model. For more information about pricing, please contact our sales reps.

    At the moment, we do not sell hardware. Yet we can help you find suitable provider for your needs. You can see a list of our BigCommerce compatiple hardware.

    Yes. When the internet is disconnected, ConnectPOS will automatically switch to an offline mode environment which still allows the users to proceed transactions normally. This feature really helps stores that are not supported with a stable internet connection, or frequently operate with pop-up events.

    Please refer to the below steps: Log in to POS, search for any newly updated products in your eCommerce platform

    • If the inventory is correct, ConnectPOS is up-to-date
    • If product isn’t found or inventory is incorrect, either Refresh the page or Flush caches.

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