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How ConnectPOS can grow your vaporizer stores

Speedy And Convenient Search

Let customers access the full features of each vape/CBD product easily


Count and save the exact stock level in warehouse to ensure smooth product supply

Flexible Payment Methods

Enable various payment options including split tenders and laybys

Full-featured CBD Shop POS for your stores

Control your vape/CBD products with a single POS system

Effortless POS Inventory Customization

Easily add, make adjustments and delete specific items (e.g., batteries, tank, atomizers, etc.) in your POS system.

Vape Age Restriction Notification System for POS

Add age restrictions to POS that notifies staff about rules applied for vape users.

Effortless Item Retrieval: Name, ID, SKU, Barcode

Search items easily by name, ID, SKU, or barcode.

Streamline In-Store Searches with Barcodes

Assign barcodes to products and print labels for better search in brick-and-mortar stores.

What is CBD?
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Create an informative and convenient shopping experience

Rewarding Loyalty: Exclusive Offers & Points System

Provide special offers for loyal customers with integrated reward point systems.

AI Personalizes Shopping Recommendations

Integrated AI pushes personalized recommendations based on customers' purchase history 

Barcode Variants: Scan & Select

Let consumers check full product variants, such as flavor or nicotine level, by scanning the barcode with the PWA Consumer App.

Offer great flexibility for a fast and speedy checkout

Mobile Self-Checkout: Beat the Peak Rush

Allow clients to do self-checkout on their mobile devices during peak hours or holiday seasons.

Multiple Payment Options Available

Accept multiple payment options, ranging from cash, credit/debit cards to split tenders and layaways.

Customize Your Receipts for Smoother Checkout

Provide customizable receipts or invoices. Choose the one that suits you best and enhances the checkout process

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Unleash the full potential of your CBD business with flexible CBD store POS integrations

ConnectPOS seamlessly connects to CBD-specific distributors, payments, accounting, CRM, marketing automation and hardware systems, giving CBD stores the flexibility and tools to scale in any direction with both online sales or in-store operations.

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Bespoke CBD Shop POS for your business

ConnectPOS can be effortlessly customized to cater to CBD store POS needs. From personalized product categorization to loyalty programs, sales and inventory reporting, and age verification processes, CBD businesses can rely on ConnectPOS to address all challenges and adapt to the expanding CBD industry.


Perfect solution for our customers


ConnectPOS helps Global Vapor collect in-depth insights from customers’ purchase history and shopping trends with customer profiling features


ConnectPOS helps Dampfi's capture omnichannel customer loyalty with multi-warehouse inventory management

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Smoke Arsenal finds a customizable, scalable omnichannel solution in ConnectPOS when migrating to BigCommerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have built-in tax calculation tool and can also integrate with age verification tools. Both can be used for additional features like self-checkout kiosk.

Yes, we provide white label service to allow Vape, CBD and Cannabis stores to implement their own branding on the POS system.

Yes, ConnectPOS customization also includes interface and checkout screen to reflect the store’s branding. We can ensure that our clients can consistently maintain their brand images.

ConnectPOS accepts all major payments like cash, debit/credit card and even layaway. The system also integrates with many payment processors to provide stores with a multitude of options.

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