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 Streamline & conquer CBD market with the ConnectPOS system

Scale with a click

Our user-friendly POS solution with advanced features like API integration allows you to scale your CBD business effortlessly

CBD-optimized operations

 Boost efficiency with specialized tools, data insights, and automated workflows designed for seamless CBD business management

Expert support, anytime

Our knowledgeable team provides personalized assistance in your preferred language, making setup and daily use a breeze.

Powered by feature-rich CBD Shop POS

Unified operations for CBD success

Unified seed-to-sale tracking

Consolidate seed-to-sale tracking, inventory, and performance data across all stores for informed decisions and optimized operations

Seamless online integration

Connect your CBD POS to e-commerce platforms effortlessly, ensuring compliance and streamlining online presence.

Efficient order fulfillment

Expedite CBD order processing with established procedures and innovative solutions, meeting customer needs promptly and driving sales.

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Specialized features for business-specific needs

Secure payment processing

Integrate high-risk payment processors seamlessly into your CBD POS system for secure and compliant transactions.

Age verification & compliance

Utilize built-in notification systems to enforce age restrictions, ensuring compliance while leveraging thorough product categorization

Enhanced product management

Organize CBD products with precise categorization, simplifying compliance, sales, search functions, and inventory management

Elevate your CBD customer journey

Unleash personalized experiences

Dig into customer data and tailor recommendations, fostering deeper connections and boosting CBD satisfaction.

Checkout on warp speed

Empower your customers with self-checkout, reducing wait times and creating a lightning-fast checkout experience.

Power up integration

Connect your POS seamlessly with loyalty programs and marketing tools for a tech-savvy shopping experience that keeps your CBD customers engaged

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Ignite your CBD business potential with our integrated ecosystem

Fuel your CBD business growth with our comprehensive ecosystem. Seamlessly connecting with CBD-specific distributors, payment gateways, accounting software, CRM platforms, marketing automation tools, and hardware systems, our ecosystem equips your business with the tools and flexibility to thrive in both online and in-store environments.

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Tailor your CBD store POS for enhanced functionality

Customize your POS system to suit your specific requirements, whether it involves adjusting product attributes, ensuring compliance with regional regulations through e-receipts, or integrating additional features for business expansion. With ConnectPOS, effortlessly expand your operations worldwide, thanks to its adaptability to the unique demands of CBD retail


Perfect solution for our customers


ConnectPOS helps Global Vapor collect in-depth insights from customers’ purchase history and shopping trends with customer profiling features


ConnectPOS helps Dampfi's capture omnichannel customer loyalty with multi-warehouse inventory management

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Smoke Arsenal finds a customizable, scalable omnichannel solution in ConnectPOS when migrating to BigCommerce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A CBD POS system is a point-of-sale system specifically designed for businesses selling CBD products. It streamlines sales, inventory management, customer interactions, and compliance for CBD retailers.

ConnectPOS offers features like customizable e-receipts to help ensure compliance with regional regulations, but it’s always recommended to consult with an expert regarding the latest legal requirements.

ConnectPOS can benefit a variety of CBD businesses, from small local shops to multi-location enterprises. If you’re looking for a customizable, compliant, and scalable POS system designed specifically for CBD, ConnectPOS could be a great fit.

ConnectPOS offers tailored solutions for dispensaries, vape shops, online cannabis retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores, facilitating streamlined operations, enhanced customer experiences, and business growth in the CBD and cannabis retail industry.

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