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Make every customer interaction matter with ConnectPOS

Scalable efficiency

Harness next-gen tech for smooth operations and multi-location management in our all-in-one CX solution

Customer insight

Deepen customer connections with a system that learns preferences and profiles, guiding decisions for unparalleled service

Tailored customization

Adapt your POS with industry-specific integrations and API flexibility, ensuring a perfect fit for unique enterprise needs

Transform customers into brand fanatics


Setting new standards for services with our customer experience solution

Optimize for a customer-centric success

Fast & reliable checkout process

Bring in efficient transaction process that minimize wait times and enhancing the overall customer experience

Advanced inventory tracking

Predict stock needs and automate reordering, ensuring products customers want are always available without delay

Comprehensive reporting tools

Offer real-time analytics and insights into customer behavior and sales performance, enabling data-driven decisions


Engage for lasting customer relationships

Customer profile management

Build comprehensive profiles that track and analyze individual shopping habits, enabling personalized service that anticipates needs and preferences

Reward & loyalty programs

Offers tailored rewards and promotions based on individual customer behavior, incentivizing repeat business and loyalty

Omnichannel support

Provide seamless experience across all platforms, from in-store to online, maintaining consistency and convenience for your customers

Design your ideal customer experience

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Deliver a smooth, app-like shopping experience on any device with our PWA, designed for customer convenience

Product classification

Streamlined product discovery with intelligent classification enhances customer search efficiency and satisfaction

Order fulfillment

Optimize backorders and preorders with transparent, real-time shipping tracking for assured and informed customer purchases


Achieve service excellence through our dynamic integration partnerships

Our API-first framework integrates effortlessly with essential customer service solutions, including self-checkout and membership systems, as well as premier CRMs and business platforms, to centralize insights and enhance customer excellence.

integration pos

Meet our customers

3000+ active users to prove our powers

Build exceptional shopping moments with ConnectPOS

Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectPOS leverages digital transformation to deliver a seamless and personalized experience, integrating easily with e-commerce and providing real-time data to help you understand and respond to customer needs quickly.

Yes, ConnectPOS is designed to complement your existing tools, providing easy integration options that allow you to sync data and gain comprehensive insights into your customer’s experience.

As part of your digital strategy, ConnectPOS acts as a central hub for customer interactions, ensuring that every touchpoint is optimized for engagement, efficiency, and satisfaction.

ConnectPOS features in-depth analytics and reporting capabilities that help you track key performance indicators related to customer satisfaction and experience, allowing you to measure and refine the impact of your POS system.

Absolutely, ConnectPOS CRM is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to configure features, workflows, and user interfaces to closely align with your specific business needs and customer management strategies.

ConnectPOS offers a suite of solutions including an integrated CRM for customer management, custom solutions tailored to unique business needs, next-gen technologies, and efficient order fulfillment options to streamline operations.

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