Order Success Screen

Accessing the “Order Success” screen #

To access the “Order Success” screen:

  • Login on ConnectPOS, select a Register.
  • At the Sell Screen, add some items to cart.
  • Click on “Pay“, then select a payment method.
  • Click on “Complete“.
  • If order transaction is accepted, the “Order Success” screen will be shown to you.

“Order Success” screen content #

On the “Order Success” screen, you can check the following content:

  1. The “Paid” amount: Show the total paid amount of the order.
  2. The “Receipt“/ “Gift Receipt” buttons: Show all available actions you can do to handle receipt. Check here for more details.
  3. Send“: The option to send receipts to customers’ emails.
  4. New Order” button: Close the “Order Success” screen, redirect you back to “Sell Screen” for new orders.
Order Success Screen

“Order Success” screen content – Refund / Exchange #

After creating an Exchange / Refund, the “Order Success” screen will also be shown, with some slight differences in content:

  1. The “Paid” amount will be the total refunded amount.
  2. The “Receipt” row shows options to handle your refund receipts.
  3. Clicking on “New Order” will close the “Order Success” screen, redirect the user back to Sell Screen.
Order Success Screen
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