Setting Up Your Register

Having multiple registers allows you to use ConnectPOS on multiple devices. 

To add a new register to your outlet, please follow these steps:

Open Setting –> POS Setting –> Outlet & Register.

Select your outlet.

Scroll down to “Outlet Configurations” section.

Click on “Add Register” button.

Setting Up Your Register

New Register” screen will appear. Input the following information:

  • Register Name: Name for your new register.
  • Register Status: Register status after creation. The default status is “Disable“.
  • Always Print Receipt After Sale: ConnectPOS will automatically show the print prompt after making a sale. The default value is “Disable”
Setting Up Your Register

Click on “Save” to finish creating your register.

Note: You can only create a register after an outlet is created. You cannot create registers without an outlet.

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