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Accessing ConnectPOS Payment Screen

To access the payment screen:

  •  Add any product(s) to cart.
  •  Click on the “Pay” button.

Cart must have at least one product for payment to be available.

 Accessing ConnectPOS Payment Screen

Select a payment method

Before selecting a payment method, cart must satisfy 2 conditions:

  •  Cart Grand Total is higher than 0.
  •  Payment method was enabled in “Payment Setting“.

To select a payment method, simply click on a payment method block on the “Payment” screen.

Select a payment method

Select multiple payment methods aka. Split Payment

The Split-Payment feature was enabled on ConnectPOS by default, so if you want to enable/disable the feature, please open the Setting –> POS Setting –> Checkout, then toggle “Allow Split Payment“.

Select multiple payment methods aka. Split Payment

To create a split-payment, please follow these steps:

  •  Create a cart with Grand Total –> 0.
  •  Click on “Pay“, open “Payment” page.
  • Select a payment method by clicking on a payment block, then change payment amount to be lower than Grand Total.
  •  Afterwards, click on another payment block, or the same payment block to create split-payment with one payment method.
create a split-payment

Removing a payment method

To remove a payment method, hover on the payment row, then click on the “x” icon.

Removing a payment method

Select a Cash Payment

To take a cash payment, click on “Cash“. By default, selecting a payment method will automatically set the paying amount to Grand Total amount. 

Select a Cash Payment

You can also use the Quick Cash option on the “Cash” payment row to select the suggested payment amount. Quick Cash is only available for “Cash” payment.

Quick Cash

Select a Dummy payment method

If the customer is paying with a non-integrated payment method, you can still complete the sale by selecting a custom Dummy payment method.

To create sale using Dummy payment:

  • Add items to cart, then click on “Pay“.
  • Select your created Dummy payment block.
  • Input the paying amount, the default amount will be order’s Grand Total, or the remaining amount.
  • Input any additional note for the Dummy payment. This is optional.
  • Click on “Complete” button to finish the checkout.
Dummy payment

Selecting a Card Payment

If user want to pay by Credit Cards, you will be able to complete the checkout by selecting an integrated payment type. For more information on integrated payment types available with ConnectPOS, please check here.

To checkout using an integrated card payment:

  • Add the items to cart, then click on “Pay“.
  • Select an integrated payment method block.
  • Depends on the payment, a window will appears in the payment section, allow you to input customer’s card details; Some payment may requires user to click on the “Complete” button to initiate the payment process.
  • If the transaction is accepted, ConnectPOS will show the successful message, then show the “Order Success” screen.

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