How To Connect Receipt Printer With ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS supports multiple types of receipt printers. This article will walk you through how to connect a receipt printer with ConnectPOS and a list of compatible printers with our system.

NOTE: If your devices are not on the list, we’re always ready to customize and set up them with ConnectPOS.

For wired receipt printers #

For a wired receipt printer, you can plug in the printer to your PC then install the driver. Test the device to see whether the printer has worked properly or not.

For Bluetooth printers #

Turn on Bluetooth on your device’s setting. Tap the device from the menu to pair it.

List of compatible receipt printers with ConnectPOS #

For POS Web for PC #

  • Star Micronics all models
  • Epson TM-T82III

For POS PWA for mobile devices (Android, iOS) #

  • Star Micronics mPOP POP10 BLK US, model A006

For POS mobile native app #

  • Star Micronics all models
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