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Transforming customer engagement with ConnectPOS

Effortless growth

Expand your business with MACH-driven technology, ensuring seamless multi-location coordination and efficiency

Insightful engagement

Transform customer knowledge into actionable strategies for improved loyalty and revenue

Limitless flexibility

Adapt and expand with a POS designed for seamless customization and comprehensive integration

Accelerate towards deep customer commitment


Reimagine customer engagement with our POS CRM system

Refine operation for customer delight

Centralized customer management

Build comprehensive customer profiles in a unified system, capturing insights for targeted actions

Workflow automation

Let CRM automation handles repetitive tasks, freeing your staff to focus on customer-centric initiatives

Unified inventory management

Merge inventory and business data into one system for real-time visibility and control, ensuring product availability across all channels


Enhance every interaction with your customers

Targeted marketing campaigns

Deploy CRM-driven marketing that resonates with customer preferences, boosting engagement and nurturing long-term relationships

Omnichannel interaction management

Engage seamlessly across all touchpoints—online, in-store, mobile, and self-checkout—for a cohesive and superior customer journey

Dynamic loyalty programs

Boost repeat business with adaptable loyalty programs and special promotions that track purchases and reward customers

Unlock potentials with tailored solutions

Customization suite

Tailor your CRM experience with custom dashboards, flexible UI, and personalized templates for brand-aligned data capture

Custom reporting

Create real-time, bespoke analytics reports, reflecting your unique business metrics for actionable insights

Social presence expansion

Flawless social media integration with your CRM, selling directly to customers on their favorite platforms


Integrate with leading engagement platforms for exceptional service

Our micro-service and API-first design smoothly integrates with leading CRMs and customer engagement platforms, alongside payment, ERP, and marketplace systems, empowering businesses to centralize customer insights and streamline operations in a unified ecosystem.

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Meet our customers

3000+ active users to prove our powers

See how ConnectPOS’s CRM transforms your customer engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our solution is designed for compatibility, offering robust integration options with various e-commerce platforms, accounting software, and marketing tools to create a seamless operational experience.

Our CRM solution is highly scalable, crafted to support your business as it evolves—from managing a single location to multiple outlets and online channels, it adapts to your growth.

As part of your digital strategy, ConnectPOS acts as a central hub foOur solution is customizable for any sector, from retail, hospitality, to service industries. We provide specialized tools that cater to the nuances of these markets. r customer interactions, ensuring that every touchpoint is optimized for engagement, efficiency, and satisfaction.

The CRM offers advanced personalization capabilities, including customer behavior tracking, segmentation for targeted campaigns, and the ability to create tailored promotions, enhancing the overall customer journey.

Absolutely, ConnectPOS CRM is built with flexibility in mind, allowing you to configure features, workflows, and user interfaces to closely align with your specific business needs and customer management strategies.

ConnectPOS offers a comprehensive suite of solutions beyond CRM, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, inventory management, CX, order fulfillment, self-service solution, and more, to empower every aspect of your operations.

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