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Hit the retail target with our
Gun Store POS software

Transcendent technology

Swicth from Legacy POS to next-gen POS to enjoy the most innovative technologies that enable smooth, modern shopping experience

Effective workflow

Manage every aspects of your businesses with precision and ease through real-time data, intelligent automation, and customizable tools

Dedicated Customer Support

Receive individualized assistance in your preferred language from our customer service for seamless POS system integration.

Complete Firearms POS system for gun and ammunition stores

ATF-Compliance Firearms POS for operational management

ATF compliance POS system that can be managed from anywhere, any time with additional offline mode to streamline management process

Safeguard sensitive data and access with industry-grade encryption and detailed audit trails to provide a secured experience that customers can trust

Fullfill firearms orders with standard, legal-complying order fulfillment process and with new solutions like Click-and-collect

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Sell Firearms products with industry-specific features

Seamlessly integrate with industry-leading tools like A&D background checks, e4473 electronic forms, and Smart waivers to provide a legally compliant POS system

Create customizable product variants based on manufacturers, ammunition, and calibers to help businesses manage and display firearm price

Manage inventory through real-time synchronization of data, quick products add by SKU, manufacturer, firearm type, caliber/gauge,… to keep inventory level on target

Elevate customer experience with powerful features

Analyze purchase history to offer personalized safety training recommendations and educational materials, promoting responsible gun ownership.

Identify in-store regular customers with facial recognition feature for customers profiling and quickly send targeted and personalized offerings/discounts

Enhance loyalty and reward responsible ownership through personalized rewards programs with store credits, points, and exclusive offers

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Diverse POS integrations to unleash the firepower of your Firearms business

ConnectPOS integrates seamlessly with everything you need, such as specialized firearms distributors and payments processors to marketing automation and CRM, fueling in-store and online success for gun stores

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A Firearms POS accommodating your gun stores needs

Crafted for the specific demands of firearms retailers, ConnectPOS offers customizable solutions to streamline every aspect of your business. It can customize tax calculations by states, firearms product categorization, targeted firearms marketing and age verification processes to help Firearms stores operate with efficiency and precision.


Hear our customers speak

The app has a lot of great features and flexibility. It allows you to connect on multiple devices and use your prefered hardware really recommend it. Some things were to be adjusted, but the support team was always there and were solved like a flash.
Their customer team was highly responsive and maintained a high standard of service, ensuring that we were completely satisfied with the new system.  I highly recommend this company for their exceptional dedication to customer satisfaction
ConnectPos has many features and is scalable: gift card, reward points etc...The assistance is always ready to answer any question, professional and kind. Perfect synchronization of the products with the physical store and online store. I am really satisfied.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We built automatic tax calculations into our system, and even offer integration with age verification tools for a legally compliant checkout process.

Yes, we have scalable, customized plans as well as seamless integrations with industry-specific tools that can allow your business to grow and adapt to evolving market trends

It’s quite easy! ConnectPOS has an intuitive interface with dedicated customer support that can help your gun stores all throughout the set up process and further if any problem arise

Yes, we do provide self-checkout for gun and ammunition. And like with other products, our system can integrate with a multitude of hardwares readily available on the market and does not require any specific hardwares from any brands

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