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The furniture store POS that empowers your service

Futuristic ecosystem

Revolutionize your furniture store with all-in-one omnichannel POS, MSI, and Self-checkout for a seamless retail experience!

Automatic workflow

Streamline transactions, inventory, and customer interactions effortlessly while focusing on business growth and data-driven insights.

Personalized support

Ready to support and answer every questions across various touchpoints and time zone, ensuring tailored assistance

Advanced feature set built exclusively for furniture store POS

Seamless operations, one POS at a time!

Scalable and configurable system

ConnectPOS allows for easy expansion to accommodate changes in inventory, sales volume, and business processes.

Modular solution for functionality

Our cloud-based ensuring extensive integration capabilities so enterprises can manage all aspects on a unified platform.

On-time order fulfillment process

ConnectPOS ensures accurate order fulfillment, automates processes, and enhances inventory management seamlessly within a consistent time frame.

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Extend the showroom with unique POS features

Manage different suppliers

Transfer between warehouses effortlessly, track vendor product quantities, create custom orders and identify upsell opportunities.

Offer flexible payments methods

Diversify transactions seamlessly with split payments, layaway, and deposits, BOPIS ..through multiple gateways for customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel visibility

Provide the ease of online ordering with the immediacy of in-store collection, control and fulfil customer requests whenever and wherever they are!

Incentivize customers with the best retail experience

Self-checkout within furniture store pos

Accelerate your purchase journey by locating products on mobile app, finalize transactions individually with a swift 3-step self-checkout.

Power personalized recommendation

Spark customer inspiration with tailored recommendations, matching designs, and promotions to encourage full combo purchases for a fully furnished space.

Increase customers with loyalty program

Enable customers to utilize built-in store credits, reward points, gift cards, and access exclusive discounts seamlessly for exceptional customer experience.


Beautify your home decor & furniture store POS with our next-gen integrations

ConnectPOS seamlessly bridging online and in-store interactions through direct integration with leading e-commerce platforms, ERP software, payment gateways, accounting systems, CRM solutions, and various hardware. Transform your spaces with our POS and enjoy the best-in-class ecosystem!

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Crafting a POS to fit your home decor & furniture store need

Our POS is ready for customization options such as product attributes, e-receipt align with regional laws, or other built-in features to helps your business growth

ConnectPOS expands your global presence with a scalable system, seamlessly adapting to the unique needs of home decor and furniture POS.


Hear our customers speak

A great POS with many integrations and features built in. The Support was amazing and responsive. The consultant was technically capable and sorted the problem out quickly. Excellent follow up and communication!
My experience was great I highly recommend working with them and especially Linh she’s amazing, knowledgeable, experienced with the product and very helpful with everything that I needed for my company
I didn't use the service yet, but can see the App has all features we're looking for. Also their support has been very helpful. I'm excited and can't wait to start using ConnectPOS with our Bigcommerce store.

Let our experts design a personalized demo for your furniture store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Look for a POS system with strong operational management and customizable product attributes such as dimensions, materials, colors, and styles for furniture and homeware products.

Consider your inventory needs and the complexity of your product catalog when making a decision. ConnectPOS offers built-in features for warehouse synchronization, and seamless integration with MSI, its native inventory management app, ensures smooth handling of complex inventories.

ConnectPOS facilitates targeted marketing and loyalty programs based on customer preferences, ensuring a personalized shopping experience and encouraging repeat purchase.

The cost of a Home Decor and Furniture POS system can vary depending on the features, number of registers, and customizable options. You can contact our consultant to get a personalized quote that fit your need.

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