Offline Mode: Common Questions


When OFFLINE MODE is on:

  • You can create order normally when Internet Connection is lost
  • Orders created within ConnectPOS will be synchronized when there’s Internet Connection available
  • Order ID will be generated when Internet connection is available

Order ID is missing from receipts #

Sometimes, order ID might be missing from your receipt. 

This might be because your OFFLINE MODE is on. To fix this, you need to turn OFFLINE MODE off.

Tax is not added automatically #

Normally, tax is automatically derived from your Shopify tax settings and Shipping address.

Sometimes, you might find Tax to be not available.

Cases like this usually happen when your OFFLINE MODE is on.

How to turn off OFFLINE MODE  #

From your sell screen, click the Main Menu.

Select Module.

You are supposed to see Offline Mode is working as shown below.

Click “Remove” to turn off Offline Mode.

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