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Why you should try on the no.01 clothing store POS

Next-era POS system

Our cloud-based POS is built with a Microservices architecture, open API, and Headless system, ensures the utmost flexibility for adaptation

Improve organization

Manage everything in a single POS system: from shift and staff, product, order, customer and provide real-time insight for better business decisions.

Harness your business

From migrating data to setting up hardware and payments, our team of industry experts will guide and support you through every step of the process

All-in-one Apparel POS that pair with every clothing store's demand

Elevate your brand presence across multiple stores

Omnichannel management

Enable retailers to manage inventory, transactions, and customer interactions in real-time whether they engage online, in-store, or through other touchpoints.

Robust inventory management

Allow real-time monitoring of product quantities, automated updates for sales and restocks, transfer stocks, stocktakes and alert when overstock and out of stock

Data-driven POS system

Collects and analyzes customer preferences, purchase history, and behaviors, allowing retailers to tailor their offerings and optimizing business strategies

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Boost sales for your clothing stores with exclusive features

Multiple variants and bundles

Sort items by different brand, color, size, or material. Retailers can even bundle individual items to sell, assigning them unique SKUs with comprehensive management options.

Personalization approach

View purchase histories, wishlists and carts to suggest supplementary accessories, clothing or footwear that match existing outfits. Clienteling elevates customer experiences through every interaction.

Multiple payment methods

Offers multiple payment solutions: from traditional card payments to modern wallets like Apple Pay, or store credits, reward points, BOPIS, split payment,.. for customer satisfaction

Win customer heart's with special offers in POS

Reward every purchases

Spark customer inspiration with tailored recommendations, matching designs, and promotions to encourage full combo purchases for a fully furnished space.

Self-checkout within clothing pos

Elevate in-store convenience with self-service app, allowing customers to swiftly finalize purchases via barcode scans, bypassing queues and eliminating the need for assistance.

AI Facial recognition

Quick and secure identification through facial recognition enables automatic enrollment and participation in loyalty programs, encouraging repeat business and fostering customer loyalty.

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Adorn your Apparel POS with our latest integrations

Effortlessly integrate online and in-store interactions with ConnectPOS, linking directly to top e-commerce platforms, ERP software, payment gateways, accounting systems, CRM solutions, and diverse hardware. Elevate your retail environment with our POS for a superior ecosystem experience!

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Curate a unique Apparel POS to meet the expectation of clothing stores

Empower your enterprise with our system’s seamless customization, enabling you to tailor features to specific requirements. Whether it’s tweaking product attributes, enhancing the checkout experience, or freely adding built-in features, our platform is designed to adapt to your unique needs with ease.

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