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The most credited Event POS to set the scene for success

State-of-the-art POS Solutions

Enhance event management with next-gen POS technology, delivering top-tier experience for your attendees and staff.

Event operations optimization

Effortlessly coordinate event logistics to streamline ticketing, entry management, and merchandise sales.

Dedicated support

Enjoy 24/7 support that understands event intricacies, offering solutions to maintain seamless event progress.

Specialized event POS to deliver incredible festivities

Tailored POS system for successful event operations

Dynamic ticket management

Control ticket sales across tiers, leverage digital options, and utilize promo codes with instant analytics to drive revenue growth.

Comprehensive merchandise management

Ease vendor integration, streamline document handling, and optimize booth layout to enhance vendor performance and event profitability.

Stock management built for events

Ensure inventory levels match demand with real-time tracking and HQ sync, even during peak event transaction volumes.

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Optimize your event dynamics with exclusive features

Versatile payment and ticketing options

Enable various payment options, digital tickets, 'click and collect', and 'Buy Now Pay Later' to increase attendee convenience and drive sales.

Intuitive seating management

Provide seamless seat selection at purchase, manage seating efficiently, and incorporate tipping to elevate the customer experience.

Customizable staff permissions

Assign specific access levels based on staff roles, optimizing functionality and enhancing event security.

Turn event attendees into your fans at every touchpoint

Quick mobile ticketing and checkin

Streamline entry with mobile ticketing and check-in, accelerating access and improving attendee arrival experience.

Exclusive member benefits

Reward members with presale privileges and special promotions, fostering loyalty and enhancing their overall satisfaction.

Streamlined in-event ordering

Offer in-app merchandise and F&B orders to maximize convenience and elevate the overall attendee experience.

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Supercharge your Event POS with seamless integrations

Elevate your event’s efficiency with ConnectPOS: effortlessly sync with leading e-commerce platforms, ERP, and CRM systems, while accommodating multiple payment gateways for a comprehensive event management solution.

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Personalize your event platform with our POS customizations

ConnectPOS is designed with customization at its core, prepared to align with the specific nuances of event management. Whether it’s intricate access levels for staff or specialized inventory tracking for merchandise, our POS solution is dedicated to enhancing your event’s unique ecosystem.


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This app has many great features!
I didn't use the service yet, but can see the App has all features we're looking for. Also their support has been very helpful. Special thanks to Mia, we had a great meeting, she walked us through all features to set up everything as requested! I'm excited and can't wait to start using ConnectPOS with our Bigcommerce store.
We do use ConnectPOS for years now and since last year we also use their MSI possibilities. Their support is amazing, always ready to help, always friendly. We asked for something out of the box, ConnectPOS had to change their logic to do us a favor. Truly recommend!
The app has a lot of great features and...
The app has a lot of great features and flexibility. It allows you to connect on multiple devices and use your prefered hardware really recommend it. Some things were to be adjusted, but the support team was always there and were solved like a flash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectPOS offers specialized features such as real-time seating management, event-specific promotions, and robust reporting tools designed to streamline event operations.

Yes, ConnectPOS can be customized to support any event type, from intimate workshops to large-scale music festivals, with scalable ticketing and vendor management features.

ConnectPOS caters to different events, including trade shows, festivals, conferences, and sporting events where merchandise sales, ticketing, and food services require swift and reliable transaction processing. It’s also ideal for pop-up shops and temporary marketplaces to handle sales and inventory on the go.

Our mobile ticketing includes e-tickets, QR code check-ins, and on-the-go sales, all designed to reduce wait times and enhance the attendee’s entry experience.

ConnectPOS allows you to set custom user permissions, so staff access is restricted to necessary functions only, based on their role and responsibilities at the event.

ConnectPOS is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular e-commerce platforms and CRM systems, ensuring continuity and efficiency in your event management workflow.

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