Gift Cards

For information on selecting which Gift Card to be used on ConnectPOS, please contact our support team at [email protected]

Selling Gift Cards product

Before you start selling the gift card, please allow “Gift Card” product to be shown on Sell Screen.

To filter and show Gift Card product on Sell Screen, please follow these steps:

Open Setting –> POS Setting –> Product & Category.

At Filter Product –> Product Type, tick on “Gift Card” checkbox.

Click on “Save” to update.

Selling Gift Cards product

To start selling Gift Card product, please follow these steps:

Open Sell Screen then search for your gift card product.

Click on the product, and input all required information.

Selling Gift Cards product

Add Gift Card product to cart.

Checkout with this Gift Card product like any normal product.

After selling the gift card product, the code will be shown in receipt:

Selling Gift Cards product

Redeeming Gift Cards

To redeem a Gift Card, please follow these steps:

Open ConnectPOS Sell Screen. Add the items to cart.

Click on “Pay“, proceed to Payment screen.

On the payment row, click on “Gift Card“.

Redeeming Gift Cards

A row for inputting gift card code will appears.

Input customer’s gift card, then click on “Use Gift Card” button.

– If the code is valid, Gift Card amount will be applied to order.

– If the code is invalid, Gift Card code will be cleared, an error message will appears for invalid code.

After the code has been applied successfully, 2 scenarios will occur:

– If order’s Grand Total is greater than Gift Card amount, you’ll need to select another payment to fully paid the order.

– If order’s Grand Total is lower or equal to Gift Card amount, you can click on “Complete” to finish the sale.

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