TOP 5 POS Loyalty Program Should be Integrated

Loyalty programs are the main key to create a long-term relationship with customers for any omnichannel retailer business. In POS systems, loyalty programs are responsible for retaining old customers and making them continue shopping in the future. 

In this article below, we will provide you some information about the top 5 POS loyalty programs that should be installed in your system to retain customers.

Why Is It Important for Retailers?

A loyalty program is built to create customer loyalty through the creation of promotions and points. The main purpose of a loyalty program is to encourage customers to continue making ongoing purchases in the future. 

In the next part, let’s take an in-depth look at why retailers should be investing more in this software.

Benefits of POS Loyalty Program

In the Omnichannel business, having a detailed loyalty program will bring unexpected benefits to retailers.

  • Increase Customer Retention – a real-life example is signing up for a membership card in a loyalty program to get 5% off your next purchase, which many retailers have applied successfully to create a seamless experience in their omnichannel business.
  • Better Customer Experience – Being part of a loyalty program will give customers the feeling of being treated special than others, which will attract them to return to the place that made them special to continue shopping.
  • Better Tracking Customer Behavior – Retailers always want to create a seamless experience for customers and in omnichannel business, by launching loyalty programs, the customer’s shopping experience will be more consistent in the future by discount codes, special offers, etc. 
  • Increase Brand Loyalty – When the customer feels loved and special, the relationship between the customer and the brand will become better, thereby maximizing your brand recognition to friends, family, and their community.

Those various benefits above are important for omnichannel businesses to consider seriously when it comes to building a loyalty strategy, especially for POS loyalty programs. Keep in mind what to take notice of when building a POS loyalty program in the next part.

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Notices When Building Loyalty Program

Have a long-term vision

In fact, business owners always focus too deeply on immediate benefits since they always want to find new customers and maximize their profits. The cost to convert a new customer is always more expensive than retaining old customers. 

Therefore, building loyalty programs is one of the solutions you must choose.

Determine the potential of the business

What you need to do is researching the data you have, including:

  • Primary data: data you directly collect from transaction history, customer behavior surveys.
  • Secondary data: data you find from market research or available surveys conducted by third parties such as market research companies.

When you’ve done your research, you can visualize your company’s current position within the market, development potential, and level of competition. The data above will help you create a better potential customers’ segmentation to improve your service. 

Define Goals of The Loyalty Program

Understanding and identifying the right customers not only assist you to design a general customer loyalty program but also helps you create your promotions that meet their demographics and shopping behavior.

Using Software to Support Building Loyalty Program

Using software to support building a Customer Loyalty Program is very necessary for the current era of explosive technology development. Loyalty programs bring attractive benefits to customers and contribute to branding and customer retention for your business. 

Besides product quality, service quality is an extremely important factor for customers to return to your store. You can build rewards programs to show interest and incentives to loyal customers, encouraging customers to return for more purchases.

Top Loyalty Program Should Be Integrated Into POS System

Here are some POS Loyalty Programs that are suitable and easily integrated on any e-commerce platform

With these POS Loyalty programs, both retailers and customers also have the same benefits in omnichannel. Retailers can create a coherent shopping experience for their customers through loyalty programs such as rewards, credit points, etc.

Customers can have better services through loyalty programs such as have a discount for the next purchase, an opportunity to pre-order limitation collections, etc 

These POS Loyalty Programs have a flexible way of setting up bonus points that will help retailers optimize the effectiveness of their promotion strategy, increase sales and profits while delighting loyal customers, and encouraging them to frequent your store more often.

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LoyaltyLion is one of the leading and fastest-growing points of credit-based retention and loyalty tools in the e-commerce ecosystem. 

Founded in 2012, LoyaltyLion was trusted by thousands of skyrocketing retailers worldwide in various popular platforms such as: 

  • Magento 
  • Shopify 
  • BigCommerce

With a rating of 4.8/5 on Getapp, LoyaltyLion deserves to be considered in the top POS Loyalty Program for retailers. A quick summary of some of the pros and cons are as follows: 

  • Easy setup
  • Automated Segmentation Strategy 
  • Recommendation Board 
  • Feature Customization Rewards
  • Feature Gift Cards or Discount Codes at Checkout
  • High price
  • Don’t have free trials or demo

For retailers who are building a digitally native brand such as keeping customers coming back for your online store, LoyaltyLion may be the solution for robust loyalty programs. Some of the industries below that are most appropriate for this provider loyalty program involve: 

  • Health/Wellness 
  • Beauty 
  • Fashion 



Founded in 2012 and started to be deployed on Shopify and BigCommerce platforms, SLoyalty has become one of the favorite POS Loyalty Programs of merchants on these two platforms.

SLoyalty is a tool that helps develop intimate relationships between brands and customers, to convert them into loyal customers. 

Some of the highlight features when using SLoyalty for your POS Loyalty Program included: 

  • Advanced Theming & Design 
  • Rewards 
  • Program Customization
  • Points Campaign 
  • Special Bonus 
  • Shoppers Notification 

Get 4.08/5 reviews on Cuspera, let’s summarize what is pros and cons of SLoyalty

  • Have 14 days free trials
  • Personalization Customer Loyalty Program 
  • Whitelist collection for customizing reward 
  • Lack of features and support in the free plan than others.



This is an e-Commerce Marketing Platform that has the most advertised features in loyalty & referral that helps customer-centric retailers to add long-term value by tailor-made referrals and loyalty programs and also helps to attract new customers. 

Their aim is to help your website get hundreds of different reviews and uses them to drive traffic and conversions through social media, email, or other channels. 

There is also includes detailed analytics reports that provide intuitive metrics to help you improve your sales and marketing strategies. 

Some of the highlighted features admitted: 

  • Review & Rating 
  • Loyalty & Referral 
  • SMS Marketing 
  • Visual UGC 
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With the score got 7.9/10 in TrustRadius thereby, some of the advantages and disadvantages when using this tool should be noticed above.

  • Automatic Review Request 
  • Display Customization 
  • Simple, Easy Web Integration 
  • Lack of features and support in the free plan than premium plans.


Started in 2012, has serviced over 100 million customers globally on many popular platforms. 

Intending to create a beautiful loyalty program and diverse rewards program, is one of a POS Loyalty Programs for any retailer looking to increase their customer loyalty with several features: 

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Referral Tracking
  • Membership Management
  • Rewards Management

When using for your POS Loyalty Program, there are some notifications about pros and cons that should be considered below

  • Free trials & free version 
  • Easy to setup & use
  • Easy to track transactions through loyalty programs 
  • Only the Enterprise version has API 
  • Limited to few POS system



This is a Premier Magento Extension Builder since 2009 that provides the Customer Loyalty Programs for the Magento platform. It is the most popular POS Loyalty Program Extensions for Magento merchants that give kinds of benefits above:

  • Reward users for purchase, registration, etc 
  • Add manually or deduct points automatically
  • Pay with points fully or partially 
  • Setpoints exchange rate 
  • Gain time with actions available off-the-shelf 

This extension is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. 

Final Thought 

Above is the review of the top POS Loyalty Programs that deserve to be installed into the POS system. However, not all POS systems are integrated with these loyalty programs, so if you are looking for a supported solution, you should consider ConnectPOS. 

ConnectPOS is a leading cloud POS software for omnichannel retail stores that integrated with many POS Loyalty Programs such as LoyaltyLion, SLoyalty, etc also, being able to customize all loyalty programs in business requirements. 

ConnectPOS will be the solution to customize all the loyalty programs to meet business needs and also build a strong bridge relationship between retailers and their customers.  

Contact us for more consultation to manage your POS system as well as integrated POS loyalty program.

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