Setting Up Receipt Templates

Default template

After integrating your website with ConnectPOS, a default receipt will be created when you first open the POS.

Please note that you can still update this template to your liking.

Create a new receipt template

To create a new receipt template, please follow these steps:

  • Open Setting > POS Setting > Receipt.
  • Click on “Add New Receipt” button.
  • A new receipt draft will be created.
Create a new receipt template
  • For a new receipt template, only “Template Name” is a required field. All customization below are optional.
  • Click on “Save” to create your new receipt template.

Template Customization

The following details on receipt are customizable:

  • Template Name: Changing your template name.
  • Header: Changing your receipt title.
  • Logo Image Status: Toggle, allowing you to enable/disable receipt header logo.
  • Logo URL: Put your logo image url here.
  • Customer Info: Show your customer’s email and phone number on the receipt, available options are:
    • Show email and phone number.
    • Show email only.
    • Show phone number only.
    • Don’t show email and phone number
Customer Info
  • Order Info: Show additional order info:
    • Only show shipping address when order has shipment.
    • Show shop owner address: Show outlet’s address on receipt.
    • Show sales person: Show your cashier name on receipt.
    • Show discount, shipment amount if they’re zero.
    • Show unit price of items.
    • Show Date & Time label.
  • Day of Week: Choosing the format for weekdays.
  • Day of Month: Choosing the format for days.
  • Month: Choosing the format for months.
  • Year: Choosing the format for Years.
  • Time: Choosing the shown format for time.
  • Show row total: Show tax on row total on product row.
  • Show sub total: Show tax on Subtotal in summary.
Order Info
  • Footer: Footer text on your receipt.
  • Footer image status: Toggle, show your logo image on footer of receipt.
  • Footer image: Your footer image url.
  • Order Barcode: Toggle, show order barcode on receipt.
  • Barcode Symbology: Your barcode symbology type. Supported format are:
    • Code128 Auto.
    • Code128A.
    • Code128B.
    • Code39.
    • MSI Series.
  • Powered Text: Show ConnectPOS Powered Text on your receipt.

Receipt Preview

On the right of the customization list will be a receipt preview. Any customize you make will be updated on the preview.

Select receipt template for your store

You can assign a receipt template to each Outlet.

To assign receipt template to your outlet:

  • Open POS Setting > Outlet & Register.
  • Select your outlet.
  • At “Outlet Configurations“, select your receipt template from “Paper Receipt’s Template” dropdown.
Select receipt template for your store

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