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2021 Stevie Awards Product Innovation winner provides you with
a powerful Magento 2 POS extension as well as 24/7 support

Why you should stop looking for another Magento Point of sale?

30+ integrations

You cannot find any other POS with as many integrations as our Magento 2 POS extension, including payment gateways, loyalty programs & gift cards.

24/7 worldwide support

Whether you’re in the US, Mexico, Australia or Netherlands, our team is ready to answer every question about the Magento POS software.

Global-trusted solution

Our Magento POS system is trusted by 2000+ retailers, including ASUS and SCG. We're proud to be the winner of Stevie Awards for Product Innovation and Globee Awards for IT Products & Services for Retail.

Centralized Data

Centralized data allows retailers to manage multiple outlets at the same time without the burden of switching between apps. 

To do that, our Magento POS ensures data real-time synchronization between sales touchpoints. The data includes orders, products, inventory, and customers.

Even when there’s no Internet, ConnectPOS can still work smoothly for an uninterrupted retail operation.

Custom Personalization

POS system for Magento is customized to work seamlessly with other integrations such as ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and accounting systems.

If you have specific requirements, don’t hesitate to tell us what you need. ConnectPOS is famous for its capabilities to adjust the omnichannel Magento POS system for a scalable business. 

Smooth and Simple Checkout

Inventory Management

Developed by ConnectPOS, Multi Source Inventory is a comprehensive management tool that supports

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse control
  • Real-time stock update
  • Stocktake and stock adjustment

Omnichannel Support

  • Device compatibility
  • Self-checkout POS
  • Click and collect

Staff Management

  • Staff training
  • Report system
  • Users and permissions

Standard Transaction

  • Update data instantly
  • Work without Internet
  • Simple checkout process
  • Various payment methods
  • Barcode scanning
  • Discount
  • Store credit
  • Receipt
  • Refund and Exchange

Product and Order Management

  • Order list
  • Order fulfillment
  • Custom sales
  • Quote management
  • Backorder and Pre-order
  • Multi-location management
  • Multi-fulfillment
  • Tax management
  • Group pricing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Customer-facing display

Customer Management

  • Loyalty program
  • Gift card

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Our PWA App delivers a perfect mobile and self-checkout POS experience for customers.

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Magento POS by ConnectPOS now available as a native app

Frequently Asked Questions

We support Magento 2.3 version and above. 

ConnectPOS can integrate with multiple integrations to create a comprehensive omnichannel system for your stores. Contact us for more details.

We are a subscription-based model. For more information about pricing, please contact our sales reps.

At the moment, we do not sell hardware. Yet we can help you find suitable provider for your needs. You can see a list of our compatible hardware here.

With a clean interface and sleek feature design, ConnectPOS currently supports multiple business industries. You can view the full list here.

Yes. When the internet is disconnected, ConnectPOS will automatically switch to an offline mode environment which still allows the users to proceed transactions normally. This feature really helps stores that are not supported with a stable internet connection, or frequently operate with pop-up events.

You can contact our support team and share with us your requirements. We will find a way to make your visions come true!

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