Setting Up Your Outlets

Creating a new outlet

An Outlet is a location from which your products and items are sold, and orders are processed. Simply, an outlet is your physical store. In this page, you will be guided to create your own outlet on ConnectPOS.

To create a new outlet, please follow these steps:

Login on ConnectPOS.

Select your website.

Click on “Setting” button.

Creating a new outlet

In the Setting page, click on POS Setting –> Outlet & Register.

Click “New Outlet” to start creating an outlet.

New Outlet

In the “Outlet Information“, input the following information:

  • Outlet Status: Toggle to enable/disable your outlet.
  • Outlet Name: Your outlet name.
  • Street: Your outlet’s street address.
  • City: Your store’s city location.
  • Zip/Postal Code: Your store’s location zip code.
  • Country: Dropdown, select your outlet’s country location.
  • Telephone: Your store telephone number.
  • Region: Input your location’s Region name or State name.

Depending on your country, this field will be either an input field, or a dropdown.

Outlet Information

In the “Outlet Configurations” section, input the following information:

Warehouse“: Select your warehouse. Products on Sell Screen will follow the warehouse’s inventory.

Allow Guest Customer“: Depending on your store:

– Enable: Allow you to make sales with unregistered customer.

– Disable: To create a sale, you must select a customer for your order.

Paper Receipt’s Template“: Select a receipt template for your outlet. A default template will always be available.

Paper Receipt's Template

Click on “Save” after all necessary information are filled.

Your new outlet will be created after these steps.

Click here for detailed tutorial on adding your register.

Update your outlet’s information

Note: To avoid conflict of data, ConnectPOS disallow changing outlet’s information while you’re opening a register. To update outlet’s data, please click on Setting > Change Outlet while you’re in Sell Screen.

If you wishes to update your outlet’s setting, please follow these steps:

Open Setting –> POS Setting –> Outlet & Register.

Select the outlet you wishes to update on the list.

Update your outlet's information

You can then update your outlet’s information as needed.

Click on “Save” to finish updating your outlet.

Disable an outlet

To disable an outlet, please follow these steps:

Open Setting > POS Setting > Outlet & Register.

Select the outlet you wishes to disable.

At “Outlet Information” section, change “Outlet Status” to “No“.

Click on “Save“.

Outlet will be disabled. To enable it again, simply re-do the above steps, but change “Outlet Status” to “Yes“.

Deleting an outlet

ConnectPOS do not allow deleting outlet, you can only disable it.

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