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Elevate Holiday Sales With Self-Service POS

Leverage in-store shopping, increase sales and customer experience for peak season with one-click checkout

Self-Service POS empower enterprises reduce workloads increase efficiency generate revenue streamline operation
About ConnectPOS Self-Service

Self-Service is a solution that allows customers to independently complete the entire checkout process. When integrated into the ConnectPOS ecosystem, it becomes a one-stop solution for enterprise growth 

Standout in the market

Boost satisfaction and loyalty

Reduces wait times, frustration, and improving customer flow with 24/7 accessibility

Adaptability and scalability

A versatile solution for a wide range of businesses without the need for significant infrastructure changes

High-quality data

Collect valuable data on customer behavior and preferences, while reducing the risk of human error in data entry and processing


Enhance transparency and convenience

Real-time Sync

Provide customers with live pricing, promotions, and product details

Effortless Scanning

Easily scan the barcodes or QR codes by device's camera or scanner

Enhanced Security

Provide a variety of secured payment options and immediately log out after payment.

Next-gen features elevate
in-store experiences

Digital receipt

Stores all purchase receipts digitally within the app

Multi-device compatibility

Works on kiosks, tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Reporting and analytics

Provides detailed sales reports, analytics, and performance metrics.

Discount application

Apply discounts automatically or offering flexible discount rules

Enhance privacy

Value customer's privacy and provide additional security

Customer Support

Offer staff to assist customers with any technical issues or questions



Self service kiosks

Valuable solution for merchants during the holiday season with advanced benefits

connectpos multi devices

One-stop solution with prime partner networks

connectpos phone screen

PWA Consumer App for POS

QR Codes allow easy access to the website

Customers can scan QR codes in stores to access an interface similar to that of apps. This allows them to browse the entire range of products. No app installation is required!

Scan barcode for product details

Customers can scan the barcode to get product details, such as price, stock quantity, or variations of products, while also adding items easily into their cart.

Order stockout items

Do not let customers walk out of your store disappointed because their favorite items have already been sold out. ConnectPOS PWA allows your customers to place orders for out-of stock items and have them delivered directly to their door or picked up in-store.

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