NetSuite POS System – Bring ERP Closer To Retail Store Quinn T. June 17, 2021

Bring ERP Closer To Retail Stores With NetSuite POS

Combine the best technology for retail stores with our NetSuite POS system by ConnectPOS.
Enjoy a seamless experience with click-and-collect and more O2O features!

Why our NetSuite POS is the perfect bridge to connect your stores with ERP?

A direct connection

We support real-time update, including orders and inventory, among your website, brick-and-mortar store and ERP. A frictionless journey is awaiting you!

A customizable solution

We know you love to be creative with your system. Our NetSuite POS is open for you to personalize with 30+ integrations and cutting-edge technology.

Enthusiastic support

ConnectPOS wants you to achieve the best. That's why we're ready to work day and night to ensure your success: Free 24/7 global support for all of our retailers.

The best of the best features for NetSuite POS

Inventory Management

  • Warehouse control
  • Real-time stock update
  • Stocktake and stock adjustment

Omnichannel Support

  • Device compatibility
  • Self-checkout POS
  • Click and collect

Staff Management

  • Staff training
  • Report system
  • Users and permissions

Standard Transaction

  • Update data instantly
  • Work without Internet
  • Simple checkout process
  • Various payment methods
  • Barcode scanning
  • Discount
  • Store credit
  • Receipt
  • Refund and Exchange

Product and Order Management

  • Order list
  • Order fulfillment
  • Custom sales
  • Quote management
  • Backorder and Pre-order
  • Multi-location management
  • Multi-fulfillment
  • Tax management
  • Group pricing
  • Multi-Currency
  • Customer-facing display

Customer Management

  • Loyalty program
  • Gift card

We have been trusted by more than 500 companies around the world

I found this app after opening the first physical store. I was able to sync the inventory of my online and point of sale store.
This app works really well in my brick-and-mortar store, syncing my online site and instore sales simply.
If you are looking for a workaround solution to your store, I highly recommend this app. The support team is very responsive.

Elevate your omnichannel ecosystem with our NetSuite POS