NetSuite POS System – Bring ERP Closer To Retail Store hieult2 September 4, 2023

The No.1 Netsuite POS bringing ERP closer to your retail stores

Boost Sales

Increase profitability by streamlining sales processes, enhancing customer experiences, and providing tools to implement effective sales strategies.

Simplify operation

Reduce complexities in day-to-day operations by optimizing tasks like order fulfillment, inventory management, and customer interactions.

Omni-Channel Harmony

Seamless unify Point of Sale and eCommerce platforms for a cohesive and synchronized retail environment of your business operations.

Transform the in-store experience with Netsuite POS features

Real-time data updates

Enable customers to buy products from any location in a single transaction, whether for immediate purchase, home delivery, or in-store pickup.

Connect with Netsuite ERP for real-time stock updates, warehouse control, and efficient stocktake processes.

Instant data updates, offline functionality, and a simplified self-checkout process supporting various payment methods.


Seamless customer experience

Our Netsuite POS provides device compatibility, self-checkout POS, and seamless click-and-collect capabilities.

Multi-location management, diverse fulfillment options, and support for multiple currencies and tax structures.

Seamlessly merge ecommerce shopping carts or wish lists with in-store transactions.

Fully integrated POS with our cutting-edge partner network

Our Netsuite POS is ready to integrate with cutting-edge payment gateways, leading-industry 3rd parties, ensuring an operational exellence & seamless customer experience.

netsuite pos

Tailor Netsuite POS solution for perfect fit with your ERP software

Data synchronization

Ensure real-time synchronization of data between the POS and Netsuite ERP system to maintain accuracy and consistency

API support

Guarantee both your POS and ERP systems can smoothly communicate using advanced APIs, ensuring a seamless retail operation.

Customer centric

Craft a customer-centric experience, supported by responsive customer assistance, and consistently improved based on feedback.

Hear our clients speak

5,000+ active users to prove our powers

Elevate your omnichannel ecosystem with our NetSuite POS

Frequently asked questions

NetSuite POS by ConnectPOS is a cloud-based POS system that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite ERP, giving you a single platform to manage all aspects of your retail business.

Absolutely. NetSuite POS by ConnectPOS is equipped to handle the complexities of managing multiple locations and franchises. It enables centralized control over inventory, pricing, and promotions while providing real-time insights into the performance of individual stores or franchises.

Businesses interested in implementing NetSuite POS can contact ConnnectPOS to discuss their specific needs and receive guidance on the implementation process.

NetSuite POS enhances customer experiences by providing a unified and seamless shopping journey. It integrates with other business functions, offering real-time insights, personalized promotions, and streamlined transactions, ultimately fostering customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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