Add Custom Sale product

Enabling custom sale product #

By default, custom sale product is enabled on ConnectPOS. If, however, you disabled the setting by accident, please follow these steps to enable the feature again.

Open Setting > POS Setting > Product & Category.

Find setting: Custom Sale.

Toggle “Enable Customer Sale” to “Yes” to enable the feature.

Add Custom Sale product

Custom Sale setting

Adding custom sale product to cart #

To add a custom sale product to cart, please follow these steps:

First, make sure that the product is enabled on your POS.

Open Sell Screen.

Click on “Custom Sale” icon. The icon is on the same row as search field.

A popup will appears. Input the following information:

  • Title: Custom sale product name.
  • Quantity: Quantity of custom sale product to be added to cart.
  • Price: Custom sale product price.

Click on “Add To Cart” to add the custom sale product to cart.

Add Custom Sale product
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