Unleash Sales Anywhere: Find the Perfect Offline POS Machine for Sale Huong Vu September 28, 2023

Unleash Sales Anywhere: Find the Perfect Offline POS Machine for Sale

Unleash Sales Anywhere: Find the Perfect Offline POS Machine for Sale

Today’s businesses are gradually turning to online business and omnichannel business support solutions are dominating the market. However, that does not mean that traditional stores lose their value. It still plays a very important role and retailers are focused on developing it. One element they are looking for in their business is an offline POS (point-of-sale) machine. This is a standalone system with its software and equipment that can “stand on its own” without the help of the Internet or other computer processing. This choice is the out-of-the-box solution because it meets the needs of sellers thoroughly and quickly. In this article, we would like to introduce the best offline POS machine for sale that helps to unleash sales anywhere.


ConnectPOS serves as the best offline POS machine for sale. This system can work smoothly on all eCommerce platforms, connects multiple sales touchpoints in one application, and is suitable for all devices such as desktop computers, mPOS (mobile POS), or Android POS and iOS POS operating systems. Besides, the plugin supports multi-channel retailers to automatically synchronize between the eCommerce store and the POS system with product data, orders, customers, tax information, and other settings.

As for the order management feature, its software also provides efficient order management features. This makes it easy for merchants to carry out business and efficient processes from accepting claims on orders, packages, shipping to consumers or even making returns. Along with that, it provides powerful centralized data capabilities that come with the multi-source inventory (MSI) solution to help businesses easily manage their inventory, update stock status, get detailed reports and analyses about it, and then make accurate business decisions.

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In addition, the best offline POS machine for sale accepts different payment methods such as cash, credit card, gift card, or payment via a third-party payment gateway. With this support, buyers will easily pay their bills and optimize the purchasing process; meanwhile, buyers will build trust with safe, accurate payments. Through the transaction and payment history, the store can save customer information. These data are synchronized across sales channels to help bring a personalized experience to customers, retain loyal customers through loyalty programs, accumulate reward points, and especially easily implement marketing campaigns for festival businesses when getting buyer’s emails.

Notably, ConnectPOS can be used even without an Internet connection. The seller performs the operations quickly and conveniently. It also has customization capabilities to customize printed receipts, create and print product labels, and simply connect to barcode scanners and the software also provides in-depth reports for managers.

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed Retail was also selected as a great offline POS machine for sale. It is a cloud-based standalone system suitable for retailers in industries such as catering, apparel, footwear, bicycles, jewelry, pets, sporting goods, and home decor. This offline system is powerful with tools provided to retailers including inventory management, retail store management, cash drawer control, payment processing, and order management. In addition, it comes with multi-channel customer record access and extensive integration with accounting software. What makes this system a great choice is its ability to integrate with POS hardware such as barcode scanners or receipt printer tools. Notably, Lightspeed also has full integrations that allow users to manage their brick-and-mortar and online inventory, and they will be able to have a single customer view and omnichannel data analytics.

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This standalone system provides multi-store business features such as inventory synchronization across all locations, while a mobile extension allows employees or collaborators to check inventory and conduct sales from anywhere and at any time through the device they have such as a phone or iPad. The inventory management tool of this system is a valuable factor; sellers through it can create, track, and assign serial numbers to each product as well as product variations such as size, color, and material. One thing that makes Lightspeed POS at the top is that it offers some customer service management features like record keeping, checking sales history logs, and customer insights. This both brings convenience to customers and through that can unleash sales for both retailers.

The software comes with a monthly subscription service that comes with a free referral service. Businesses will be able to carry out processes in a personalized way with 24/7 support from experts. In addition, the Lightspeed POS application on iPad allows businesses to process payments or transactions on a compact machine with significant savings. The payment process from there will also be easier if there are return requests, accept payment using multiple methods, and apply discounts depending on the occasion and depending on the individual customer. All of that is possible on the platform’s offline app. Therefore, this is the choice for small and medium retailers.

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Square POS

Square is an outstanding point-of-sale system that comes with both hardware and software. This standalone system is a good offline POS machine for sale for small businesses. It offers many features with the support of hardware devices that can be tailored to suit many types of businesses. One thing to keep in mind is that Square may not be suitable for businesses that have grown steadily and want a dedicated POS system with advanced features. And its software does not work on Windows.

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This system does not need to work with the Internet if the user has already downloaded the application. Features such as order management, sales, transaction tracking, customers, implementation of marketing campaigns, and detailed reports will be implemented immediately to help sellers reduce effort and time, thereby focusing on growing revenue for the store.

This offline POS machine for sale has prices for simple, transparent service plans that are prominently displayed on their website. Also, its payment processing fees are fixed per transaction. This makes it easier for businesses to weigh and make comparisons.

Square stands out for its hardware devices with mobile and stationary POS, from phone-to-phone readers to check-in machines with two touchscreens, as well as hardware accessories, such as barcode scanners, receipt prints, and cash drawers. Thanks to that flexibility, merchants can design a variety of payment experiences and find new opportunities that are right for their business.


The offline POS machine for sale that businesses are always looking for is a standalone system that delivers all the necessary features and support for optimized business processes. If you are looking for a support system that maximizes sales and revenue, feel free to contact us.

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