Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming Steven P January 4, 2023
Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming
Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming

Thailand is a bright star on the world tourism map because of its rich tourism potential from nature, people to recreational activities. Seeing these values, there are countless businesses here springing up and doing business in the field of tourism. To support them, software and solutions were born, along with multiple integrations. In this article, we would like to provide integrations that your POS (point of sale) should have when Thailand travel season is coming.

Payment processing

When it comes to payment processing, Thailand travel businesses’ POS will need to offer integration. This integration helps businesses manage credit and debit card transactions and other forms of payment. This is especially important because today’s consumers often use more payment options such as mobile payments, contactless payments, buy now, pay later or buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS), and payment in cryptocurrency.

Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming


The integration of POS and accounting software at businesses during the Thailand travel season will make tax reporting easy and help businesses better understand their overall cash flow. Accounting data from POS should include basic information such as sales, labor and payroll, daily reconciliation, economic order quantity (EOQ) and even profit and loss statement (P&L). The accounting integration will facilitate the synchronization and sharing of information such as taxes, total bids, cash operations, gift card sales, and enhanced profit reporting.

Inventory management

Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming

During the Thai tourist season, POS systems need to integrate inventory management to ensure businesses always have enough goods to serve customers from anywhere. Integrated inventory management helps paint a more complete picture of your business’s inventory across all channels so it’s always up to date. This inventory integration will allow businesses to quickly respond to customer inquiries and order requests. In addition, warehouse management will also notify businesses of accompanying service packages to serve customers seamlessly.

Employee management

Employee management integration is essential for businesses during Thailand travel season. This solution helps with employee scheduling and gives businesses the ability to make time requests, change shifts, and track employee sales and commissions. The integration empowers you and gives you more control over employee management. While POS systems may include basic employee scheduling features, dedicated integration makes it more seamless.

Shipping and order fulfillment

Integrating shipping and order fulfillment is essential during Thailand travel as it makes the buying and selling process seamless. This POS integration will help with delivery tracking and fulfillment all in one place to eliminate warehouse confusion. When adding an eCommerce component to a retail store, businesses need to find a shipping and order fulfillment solution to help manage these additional sales. This POS integration synchronizes all your orders and includes features like order tracking, supplier management, shipment tracking and updates, and label creation.

Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming


Booking is an important integration for businesses in Thailand during this tourist season. POS systems need to make sure this feature is working properly to ensure that it is easy for customers to make reservations, especially at restaurants, hotels, even airline tickets. Bookings must be synchronized in real-time by all means (online and offline) to ensure businesses do not miss any requests from customers.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an integration that businesses need to ensure connection when the season of Thailand travel has started. With this feature from the POS system, businesses can connect with customers by sending customers digital receipts, updates, and special promotions. This is a great customer outreach strategy and helps save costs. The features this integration can offer are automated email, drip campaigns, split testing, advanced tracking, and personalization. You should also look for list management features, such as the ability to segment and group your subscribers based on commonalities.

Loyalty programs

Which integrations your POS should have when Thailand travel season is coming

Loyalty programs help retain customers with personalized promotions. This integration is valuable to retailers as it gives customers a reason to keep coming back and keeps their revenue and sales strong. With the loyalty program’s POS integration, businesses can register shoppers, track spending, and reward their best customers.

ConnectPOS is a cloud POS system that fully meets the aforementioned integrations. This system will ensure your business gets many benefits during Thailand travel season.


The POS system needs to ensure that there are basic integrations mentioned above so that the business is effectively supported. If you are in need of a system that ensures integration during the Thailand travel season, contact us.

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