Use your hardware

ConnectPOS is compatible with many POS hardware providers so it's likely to work well
with the peripheral devices you already have

Check out our list of recommended hardware
for Windows, Mac and iPad below

Windows and Mac

ConnectPOS works with any receipt printers supported by Windows and Mac.

Recommended Models:

- Star Micronics TSP100 futurePRNT USB



Support Airprint Printer. Other recommeded models listed below.

Recommended Models:

- Star Micronics LAN Printer: Star TSP143, Star TSP100 LAN Printer, Star TSP650II (TCP/IP)

- Bluetooth Star Micronics Printer: Star TSP650II (Bluetooth), Star SM-S220i, Star mPO

ConnectPOS is compatible with any cash drawers & tills that work with the receipt printer, providing fundamental safeguard and management for onsite cash.

Recommended Models:

- Wincor Nixdorf KA11

- APG Vasario 320 series

Windows and Mac

ConnectPOS supports both bluetooth and USB barcode scanners that interact with the computer as a keyboard wedge.

Recommended Models:

- Zebex: Z3152, Z3100

- Honeywell Barcode Scanner

- Socket Mobile 7Ci or 7Qi (for Mac only)


We support the majority of all barcode scanners that have bluetooth connection with iPad and highly recommend barcode scanners that support iOS mode.

Recommended Models:

- Socket Mobile 7Ci or 7Qi

*Please note that we do NOT support scanners that ONLY support RS232 interface

ConnectPOS is compatible with all the global leaders in payment processing, namely Paypal Here, Tyro, iZettle to ensure that it is easy for you to take payments.

Recommended Models:

- PayPal Here: CC Reader, Pinpad

Get new hardware

You can buy new hardware from our partner and set it up easily. There's a wide range of POS bundles, all-in-one, printers, cash drawers, scanners for you to choose. All the hardware provided by our partner work well with ConnectPOS.
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If you need help in setting up hardware or want to check
the hardware compatibility, we're just one click away.