MSI - Manage multiple warehouses with Multi Source Inventory system

The Multi Source Inventory (MSI) management system by ConnectPOS automates your inventory management process and makes stock-taking much easier

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multi source inventory management

Why retailers choose the MSI system by ConnectPOS

Work with multiple eCommerce platforms

Support various types of product

Report in details all import and export activities

Multi source inventory by ConnectPOS: Increase sales with better inventory visibility

multi-source inventory management
  • Compatibility with multiple eCommerce platforms : ConnectPOS multi source inventory system is compatible with Shopify, Magento and BigCommerce. For other eCommerce platforms, our team is ready to customize your system!

  • POS system supported : As a part of our omnichannel ecosystem for retailers, our MSI system can work seamlessly with the POS solution. It’s easy to connect your online and offline inventory, as well as supporting various omnichannel methods such as click-and-collect and dropshipping.

  • Product management: As an advanced inventory management system, our app allows you to create and edit all product in your warehouses. It's also easy to divide items into particular collections for special management

  • Purchase order management: Our MSI system auto-generates purchase orders when stock numbers hit a fixed threshold. You can closely follow the status and stage of each delivery within the app. Recurring purchase is supported.
  • Supplier management: The multi source inventory management system saves the suppliers information and lets you choose which vendors to contact

  • Inventory management: Adjusting and counting items has never been easier than this with the MSI system. You can choose to check the number after each day, week or month

  • Warehouse management : You can easily set up and manage all your warehouse digitally in the system. The virtual layout also helps you to pick up orders in the quickest route. More than that, the inventory app creates rules to suggest locations for coming items.

  • [IN COMING] Documentations: To ensure the transparency of stock numbers, our MSI system helps your staff to quickly create and look for goods receipts notes (when items are delivered to your locations) and goods delivery notes (when items are delivered to other branches)
  • MSI multi source inventory management

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