MSI – Multi Source Inventory – Better warehouse management Quinn T. February 8, 2021

Manage multiple warehouses with
Multi Source Inventory system

The Multi Source Inventory (MSI) management system by ConnectPOS
automates your inventory management process and makes stock-taking much easier

The best app to increase sales with better inventory visibility

An all-in-one omnichannel system

Combining with the power of Point of Sale, the Multi Source Inventory app is ready to boost your O2O business to the whole new level.

Seamless inventory solution

Manage multiple locations without worrying of mixed data. As the name, our app makes it easy to follow and adjust the tiniest detail across warehouses.

24/7 global support

We're ready to offer a helping hand for all of our precious customers. Even though we may live in different time zones, yet we share the same passion for retail success!

What you can do with Multi Source Inventory app

Manage different types of product: simple, configurable, bundle
Integrate and get product list from sales channels
Import and update product by CSV file
Inventory history for products
Multi-currencies price for each product
Manage list of warehouse
Setup multiple warehouses and link to online stores
[Incoming] Layout management

Support stock arranging and collecting

Manage inventory in multiple warehouses
Sync inventory to sales channel in real-time
Low Stock notification
Transfer stock between warehouses
Create stocktake by location
Allow multiple staff working on the same stocktake
Overwrite and update inventory according to counted quantity
Sales orders
Manage list of sales order
Allow export, import, and send sales orders via email
Allow creating and fulfilling sales orders for multiple warehouses/ shipping addresses and select one as a default address
View order history
Refund/return sales order process
Allow creating a purchase order, manufacture order from sales order
Purchase orders
Manage list of purchase order
Allow export and setup template to print purchase order as PDF
Allow creating purchase orders for multiple warehouses/ shipping addresses
View order history
Support multi-currencies business
Manufacture order
Create manufacture order from sales order
Manage manufacture orders with status
Supplier management
Manage list of supplier
Allow adding multiple contacts to a supplier
Permission and Analytics
View list of reports for Inventory, Sales, Products,...
Filter and export report in CSV
Manage user role and permission
Manage list of customer
Import customers by CSV
Integrate customer data from online stores
Allow managing multiple customer types and groups
Allow managing multiple shipping and billing addresses for one customer

Create a comprehensive omnichannel journey with ConnectPOS MSI system!