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Top 5 POS Systems Supporting Barcode Scanning

Top 4 POS Systems Supporting Barcode Scanning

A barcode scanner is an indispensable component for proficient inventory management, simplifying tasks such as stocktaking, organizing, and tracking inventory levels. Integrated with a dynamic retail POS barcode system, this technology enhances inventory control and empowers customer engagement by offering immediate insights into purchase history and trends.

In this article, we showcase the leading POS barcode systems that excel in barcode scanning, designed to amplify your business’s operational efficiency and profitability.

How to Choose a Barcode Scanner and POS?

Selecting the right barcode scanner and POS system is crucial for your business’s operational efficiency. Consider these vital factors to ensure you make the best choice:


Barcode scanners are equipped with diverse types of scanning hardware. Laser scanners are the most common, using a laser beam to read the reflectance of the black-and-white spaces in a barcode. Linear imagers are suitable for 1D barcodes, capturing an image of the barcode to process the data. For more complex barcodes, such as stacked or 2D barcodes, 2D area imagers are ideal as they can interpret barcodes from any orientation. Your choice should align with the type of barcodes you utilize; for instance, UPC codes pair well with laser scanners, while stacked barcodes require compatible hardware.


While most contemporary barcode scanners integrate seamlessly with computers without additional software or drivers, it’s critical to ensure that your chosen scanner is compatible with your inventory management system. Some advanced scanners also possess decoding capabilities, which should be taken into account during your selection process.


Consider how mobile you need your barcode scanner to be. Wireless handheld models offer maximum portability, ideal for dynamic retail environments. Some scanners require a wired connection for data transfer, while others, such as Bluetooth barcode scanners, provide the flexibility to scan and upload data wirelessly, enhancing mobility.

Top 5 POS Systems That Support Barcode Scanning

There are many good POS supports for barcode scanning in POS. Some of the best POS-supporting barcode scanners are as follows:


ConnectPOS is a versatile cloud-based POS system designed for omnichannel retail operations. It caters to businesses of all sizes, and it is packed with features to streamline retail management, including multi-warehouse inventory management, staff management, AI facial recognition, and support for multiple tax levels.

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One of the key benefits of ConnectPOS is its barcode scanning capability, which greatly reduces the chance of human error during inventory tracking. The system can easily manage products with SKUs across all platform versions, whether on mobile devices, iPads, or desktops. The native MSI app further simplifies inventory organization for physical stores, enabling automatic stock tracking and quick updates when new inventory arrives.

ConnectPOS boasts wide hardware compatibility, working effortlessly with popular devices like barcode scanners, receipt printers, and credit card readers. This seamless integration ensures that store assistants can quickly locate products, resulting in enhanced customer service and an expedited checkout experience.

The POS system also offers flexibility in payment processing, partnering with various established payment solution providers. It accepts diverse payment methods, including cash, gift cards, and credit cards, and accommodates split tenders and layaway options. For mobile-oriented retailers, the ConnectPOS progressive web app (PWA) and iPad app offer additional convenience.

You can set up your 14-day free trial without any credit card or contract required. After the demo and you’re satisfied, you can choose from 3 plans – Standard ($39 per device/month), Advanced ($69 per device/month), and Premium ($89 per device/month) with no hidden fee. For any inquiries or support needs, ConnectPOS offers 24/7 support.

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Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale system known for its robust features catering to retail and restaurant businesses. With a strong emphasis on inventory management, Lightspeed streamlines operations and enhances customer service.

Among its array of features, Lightspeed’s barcode scanning capability stands out for its efficiency and user-friendliness. The proprietary Scanner app allows users to effortlessly scan product barcodes, instantly accessing a wealth of information, including inventory counts, supply costs, retail prices, product descriptions, tags, and supplier details. This functionality is invaluable for businesses looking to perform swift inventory audits and manage stock precisely.

The Lightspeed Scanner app, available for free, transforms retail inventory management by enabling full or partial counts directly from a mobile device. Designed for the retail environment, it leverages hover scanning for rapid data capture and an auto next scan feature, allowing for uninterrupted scanning flow. Although Lightspeed is compatible with a range of barcode scanners from brands like Socket Mobile and Zebra, it’s important to note that as of version 2.20 of the Retail POS app, the Mobilogics aScan, also known as the Lightspeed barcode scanner, is no longer supported. Users should ensure their hardware is updated to a compatible model to maintain seamless barcode scanning operations.

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ShopKeep POS

ShopKeep POS is tailored for the small business owner, offering a suite of features designed to streamline daily operations. Its intuitive interface supports barcode scanning, processing transactions, managing refunds and returns, handling deposits, applying discounts, and setting user permissions. This system accommodates all payment types, facilitating a smooth checkout experience.

Small business owners can also leverage the ShopKeep Pocket app to monitor business activities remotely, ensuring they stay connected to their store wherever they are.

Barcode scanning with ShopKeep POS is efficient and user-friendly. The system is compatible with a wide range of barcode scanners, and ShopKeep also offers an assortment of scanners for purchase, ensuring seamless integration. When a product barcode is scanned, the information is instantly deciphered and displayed on the POS terminal, with real-time data synchronization for inventory management.

ShopKeep simplifies the returns process by allowing refunds without the need for a physical receipt and offers the capability to process offline credit card payments — a reliable fallback during internet outages. Moreover, ShopKeep’s customized pricing plans are designed to support profit maximization for small businesses. The POS system’s flexibility extends to handling deposits and partial payments, making it a comprehensive tool for small shopkeepers seeking to enhance their operations.

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is a versatile, cloud-based system that caters to both small and large businesses. It incorporates a range of features including barcode scanning, staff management, and secure PIN codes for staff members. The POS system is particularly user-friendly; if you’re uncertain about which barcode scanner is compatible, Shopify offers comprehensive guidance through a detailed guide on their website, helping you choose between 1D and 2D barcode scanners and select the appropriate model.

Pricing for Shopify POS is tiered to accommodate different business needs and budgets, offering Basic Shopify at $29 per month, Shopify at $79 per month, and Advanced Shopify at $299 per month. For those looking to explore the platform’s capabilities, there is a 14-day free trial available. This trial period is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the system’s features and determine if it meets your business requirements before committing to a paid plan.

Shopify POS supports various payment options, ensuring flexibility for customers. It also provides tools for monitoring daily cash register adjustments. Other key features include handling refunds and store credits, multiple customer payment options, and extensive product and inventory management capabilities.

Vend POS

Vend is a cloud-based POS system designed for multi-outlet retail businesses. It’s equipped with essential features such as inventory management, individual staff accounts, and sales tracking. One of Vend’s standout capabilities is its ability to operate offline, ensuring sales can continue even during internet outages.

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A unique advantage for retailers is Vend’s complimentary barcode scanner app, which transforms any iOS device into a mobile scanning tool. This innovation not only saves costs but also facilitates convenience by utilizing the built-in camera of an iPhone or iPad, eliminating the need for separate barcode scanning hardware.

The barcode scanning feature at checkout enhances the efficiency of the process and minimizes human error, such as incorrect code entries or pricing mistakes. This particularly benefits the retail and food & beverage (F&B) sectors that thrive on swift service and accuracy.

Vend also allows for customization of receipts and online branding, featuring your business logo for a personalized touch. The system’s comprehensive cash management tracks cash flow meticulously, supporting various payment methods, including debit and credit cards, split payments, gift cards, and mobile or contactless payments.

Customer relationship management is made easy with features like customer profiles, lists, and purchase history, enabling tailored marketing and service strategies. Vend excels in reporting, offering in-depth insights on product performance, sales data, inventory levels, and staff productivity, all exportable for further analysis in your preferred spreadsheet software.

Vend’s pricing structure consists of three tiers: Lite at $99 per month, Pro at $129 per month, and Enterprise, which requires a custom quote. With such a versatile range of options, Vend is well-suited for businesses scaling from small to large operations.

Wrap Up

The integration of barcode scanning in POS systems has revolutionized inventory management and the checkout process, making these operations significantly more efficient for business owners and operators like you. We trust that the insights provided in this article have illuminated the potential of a top-tier POS system to streamline your business operations with robust barcode scanning capabilities.

At ConnectPOS, we are committed to delivering the best cloud-based POS solution that not only excels in supporting barcode scanners but also seamlessly integrates with essential POS hardware such as receipt printers, cash drawers, and customer displays. Our platform is designed to empower your business with an array of features that enhance operations, elevate sales performance, and improve the overall customer experience.

If you’re seeking a POS system that combines ease of use with powerful functionality, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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