Top 5 POS Systems In Thailand Jacey V. August 17, 2021
Top 5 POS Systems In Thailand

Thailand is among the most influential commerce markets in South East Asia. Thailand’s total eCommerce market is projected to grow by 14.2% in 2023, the most of any country in South East Asia. So, if you have a business in Thailand, now is the time to strategize for your business’s growth. In 2022, only 1 out of 10 purchases made in Thailand was made online. Compared to the U.S.’s 5 out of 10 scores, this statistic suggests that Thai entrepreneurs who could offer a fast, safe, and easy solution to online buying will have a significant competitive advantage. 

The key to delivering a complete shopping experience for customers is ease of purchase. A robust Point-of-sales system is essential in elevating your sales funnel for both online and brick-and-mortar shops. If you are a retailer in Thailand, ask yourself this question: is your current Point-of-sale system good enough to compete in this fast-growing industry? Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we break down the top 5 POS systems in Thailand and rank them based on features, pricing, and compatibility. Learn the capabilities of each solution to choose the best POS system for your Thai eCommerce business today.


thailand pos - connectpos

ConnectPOS is a POS system available in Thailand that is both powerful and intuitive. For Thailand retailers, ConnectPOS represents the ideal POS system because it works perfectly for both offline and online businesses. So, if you’re thinking about capturing Thailand’s market trends of a digital marketplace, ConnectPOS is essential in transforming your brick-and-mortar store into a hybrid online shopping powerhouse. Not only that, the ConnectPOS system offers many omnichannel features like click-and-collect and multi-store management tools. Thai business owners even use ConnectPOS’s multi-store management to open up opportunities for businesses outside of Thailand, without any hiccups to international or local payments.

Pros: Real-time Synchronization

ConnectPOS comes with real-time synchronization between the inventory level and your store’s internal system. This means less time manually exporting, importing, and cross-verifying inventory for Thai businesses and more time focusing on customers. The ConnectPOS system is uniquely adapted to integrate with almost any program or system. So if your store is using an eCommerce hosting site, or a third-party app for shipping or customer success, ConnectPOS will fit neatly into your existing app ecosystem.

Pros: PWA Consumer App

Thailand stores looking to transition their physical store to an online store can take full advantage of ConnectPOS’s PWA Consumer App. This app brings the convenience of online checkout to your brick-and-mortar business, allowing customers to pay on their phone with easy self-checkout. The PWA App can help you gather buyer’s data, update your inventory, and help reduce your physical sale workforce. Instead of relying on offline-only payment methods, ConnectPOS’s PWA helps Thai stores transition smoothly to a powerful and more consumer-friendly POS.

Cons: No Native Hardware According to ConnectPost’s website, they currently do not sell hardware. However, ConnectPOS support many existing hardware systems. Furthermore, ConnectPOS’s PWA App bypasses the need for a dedicated hardware system since stores and customers can use ConnectPOS through almost any electronic device: phones, tablets, and computers. For growing markets like Thailand, hardware costs for POS can be a barrier to entry for up-and-coming businesses. So, take this into consideration when choosing your ideal POS solution providing

UP Solution

up solution

Another solid POS recommendation for Thai retailers is UP Solution by P2C. This is a cloud-based solution for various business operations. The company offers POS hardware and software (UP Solution) for different business types, most predominantly retailers. With central data management, businesses can gain all the basic eCommerce tools including sales or inventory management, CRM, and online ordering. Besides retail, the system can also be used for service-based businesses, such as restaurants, salons, and hospitals. The pricing plans depend on the industry and business size, so pricing will be informed via consultation. For these reasons, Up Solution can be suitable for businesses in different industries looking for a local POS in Thailand.

Pros: 3 Dedicated First-Party Hardware

UP Solution currently offers 3 different POS hardware: kiosk, point, and station. These machines are equipped with the latest sales technology like NFC readers, EMV, and built-in WiFi for real-time synchronization. Their hardware is of course compatible with many UP Solution value-added features, like Loyalty tracking, delivery tracking, or even appointment scheduling. This high-value package is tempting for larger Thai businesses looking for an upgrade to their POS system since they are getting both great online transaction processing software and the latest payment processing hardware with UP Solution.

Cons: Enterprise-grade Pricing

Unlike its competitors, UP Solution has an enterprise-first approach, limiting its pricing plans to consultation. This is a barrier to many businesses, especially those from a non-Western market like Thailand since timezone differences will play a major role in getting contact with a representative to test the product. It’s clear that UP Solution’s business model focuses more on enterprise-level business, so for a growing market like Thailand with many Small-to-Medium Businesses, paying more than you’ll need is not ideal. 


thailand pos - synature

POS system by Synature Group in Thailand is also a powerful item on our list. A local POS solution in Thailand, their POS line called proMiSe offers point-of-sale solutions for various industries, namely retail, spa & beauty, and restaurants. Synature provides specialized solutions for shoes/bags/apparel shops for retailers. The system focuses on bringing the most powerful inventory management tools for multiple branches. In addition, it also supports data transmission between branches and headquarters.

Pros: Restaurant, Spa, & Retail

The proMiSe POS solution is designed to work at peak capacity for restaurants, spas, and retail businesses. So it’s no surprise that proMiSe is being used by over 900 shops worldwide, many of which started out as Thai-only businesses. Undoubtedly, many Thai retailers choose proMiSe because of their dedication to these fast-growing industries and the software’s Thai-friendly interface.

Cons: Limited Operating System Support

As of 2023, proMiSe POS is only available to Thai businesses if you’re using their supported hardware or through Windows 10. This is troublesome for your customers since there is no app offering for iOS, Android, or Windows 11 so customers will have to rely on your payment gateways. This is contrary to today’s payment trends, where customers get to choose their preferred payment option on their phone, like Apple Pay or NFC.

Crazy Web Studio

crazy web studio

Crazy Web Studio is originally a web design company. However, they also provide excellent POS solutions for businesses in Thailand. Unlike the previous POS systems, Crazy Web Studio focuses on designing a POS for restaurants. The system supports various restaurant operations, including dining in, delivery or takeaway. It also comes with the must-have POS features including an eCommerce website, promotion management, reports, and table organization. If you are planning to open any inventory-rich business with an online presence, POS by Crazy Web Studio can be a good choice.

Pros: Built-in Delivery Tracker

This POS solution is popular among restaurants for one simple reason: dedicated support for delivery, takeaway, and dining in. Although most POS mentioned here can compete with Crazy Web Studio in terms of features, this POS is always ideal if you don’t want to spend time customizing your POS and simply looking for something that works out of the box.

Cons: Limited Add-on Features

Crazy Web Studio lags behind all POS systems in this list regarding a feature list. Without a customer-facing app, support for inventory syncing (vital for restaurants), and native third-par

Retail HQ

thailand pos - retail hq

Retail HQ is a POS system in Thailand with an easy-to-use user interface and powerful management tools. Retail HQ offers a ready-to-use system as the company will set up the hardware and offer staff training for your store. This is an outstanding feature of Retail HQ that can hardly be found in other POS providers. In essence, Retail HQ offers store management tools, such as staff time tracking, reporting, and advanced role management. Retail HQ is thus recommended for those who want a ready-to-use POS with basic business functions in Thailand.

Pros: Set-up, Installation, Training

Retail HQ offers a unique way for businesses to familiarize themselves with their POS system: Face to face setup and training from an expert. Many POS systems fail at onboarding businesses due to complicated sign-up and limited training resources. So, it’s great to see Retail HQ’s dedication to ensuring their user experience is as frictionless as possible.

Cons: Basic Functionalities

While Retail HQ supports features like a mobile app and stock management, more advanced features from a POS like real-time inventory syncing and customization integrations to third-party apps are surprisingly lacking from this POS’s native software.

Wrapping up on Top 5 POS Systems in Thailand

We hope that this list of the top POS systems in Thailand can help you decide the most suitable option for your business.
Being a leading POS provider, ConnectPOS takes pride in its omnichannel features and 24/7 free support. Contact us today if you are interested!

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    September 4, 2021, 9:33 am

    Interesting comparison, just wonder if there is a software available which integrates Online-services such as Lineman, Grab, Robinhood etc. and Online & QR payments. I need something which comes close to a carefree system which pop-up orders automatically from above providers!
    any recommendations?

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      September 4, 2021, 10:53 am

      Hi Harry, you can contact our team for more details about your requirements at [email protected]. We’re always ready to support you!

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