Create Your Omnichannel Retail Business At Ease

ConnectPOS shapes the future of 2000+ clients worldwide in an omnichannel journey with a leading POS system

Open New Possibilities With Omnichannel Experiences


Buy online, pay/refund/exchange in-store
Auto-update inventory between online & offline stores
Support various payment methods and tax calculation

On the go

Search product info and order by scanning barcodes
Recognize nearby customers and send them promo codes to trigger sales from the PWA App

Social networks

Recognize customers across touch points
Display targeted messages, and current promotion on their social networks to trigger sales


AI Facial Recognition
Online products available to sell in-store
Stock visibility across all stores

Accessible with any hardware

POS machines
Mobile devices

Speed up checkout

User-Friendly Interface
Our POS system features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, ensuring that your team can quickly become familiar with its functionality. Additionally, we provide a streamlined 3-step checkout process, allowing for efficient and convenient transactions.

Flexible Payment Options
We offer payment freedom to your customers by integrating various payment methods. Whether it’s cash, cards, click & pay, mobile money, or payment gateway, we ensure a seamless and quick payment experience.

Efficient Operations
With our comprehensive list of integrations, we streamline your operations and minimize redundant tasks. By automating processes and eliminating duplicates, we enhance efficiency and optimize your workflow.

Enrich Customers’ Online Shopping Experience


It’s easy to let your customers buy online and pick up in-store. ConnectPOS allows you to look up customers' online orders when a customer picks the products up in store.

Various payment methods

ConnectPOS integrates with multiple payment methods, such as cash, credit and debit cards, or gift cards. Split tenders and layaways are also supported.

Tax management

When you’re online, the tax setting will be synced directly from Magento admin. When you’re offline, it’s easy to add tax from POS to support in-store sales for both local and international transactions.

Update Your Brick-and-mortar Store Instantly

AI Facial Recognition

ConnectPOS allows shop assistants to receive customers’ personal info and shopping history when they step into the store. This lets sellers provide suitable suggestions, from that increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

Real-time stock update

After setting stock numbers within ConnectPOS. The data including Orders, Inventory, Customers, and Products will be updated to your main system and vice versa.


ConnectPOS lets you implement promotion settings from the POS. Some of the usual discount rules are Buy X Get Y, Discount per product, Discount the whole cart. We also support exclusive promotions for in-store purchases.

Create An Omnichannel Retail Experience With Mobile Devices

With PWA Consumer App, stores and customers are now experiencing a quick and easy POS experience.

ConnectPOS PWA app notifies users when there are new arrivals or promotion campaigns.

Shorten the shopping routine with quick and easy barcode scanning. You can directly print the barcodes and scan them using mobile devices or barcode scanners.

Customers can scan barcodes and proceed with checkout themselves with the help of the ConnectPOS PWA app.

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