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Open New Possibilities With Omnichannel Experiences


  • Buy online, pay/refund/exchange in-store
  • Auto-update inventory between online and offline stores
  • Support various payment methods and tax calculation

On the go

  • Search product info and order by scanning barcodes
  • Recognize nearby customers and send them promo code to trigger sales from PWA app


Social networks

  • Recognize customers, display targeted messages and promotions on their social networks to trigger sales


  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Online products available to sell in-store
  • Stock visibility across all stores

Enrich Customers’ Online Shopping Experience

  • Real-time synchronization

    ConnectPOS automatically updates your products from online stores to POS.

  • Click-and-Collect

    Customers can buy online, then choose how to get the packages: By shipping or picking up in-store.

  • Multiple payments methods support

    We support more than 20+ payment methods, from cash to card. Split tenders and Partial Payments are also supported for an omnichannel retail experience.

  • Configurable sales tax

    Store operators can set up tax rates for each order to fit local law or apply the default tax rate from the store’s backend.

omnichannel retail: ConnectPOS eCommerce

Update Your Brick-and-mortar Store Instantly

  • AI Facial Recognition

    ConnectPOS allows shop assistants to receive customers’ personal info and shopping history when they step into the store. This lets sellers provide suitable suggestions, from that increasing sales and customer satisfaction.

  • Instantly stock update

    When an in-store order is completed, the products will be updated for both online and offline stores so store owners can follow the visibility of stock.

  • Promo code

    Online promo code can also be applied in-store.

omnichannel retail: Connect POS in-store

Create An Omnichannel Retail Experience With Mobile Devices

With PWA Consumer App, stores and customers are now experiencing a quick and easy POS experience:

  • Whenever a customer is near the store, our app will send notifications about products and discounts to attract him/her to visit.

  • Buyers can scan barcodes to find more information about products

  • Customers can self-checkout in-app and avoid waiting.
  • omnichannel retail: ConnectPOS mobile POS
    omnichannel retail: case study

    Customers are satisfied with our omnichannel experience

    I implemented ConnectPOS for one of my clients and it is of great help for them in stores. They have a website and they can sell the same products at physical stores and fasten the whole sales process using ConnectPOS.

    Claudio Ijaui Silva
    Ecommerce Developer at ICS - Computer System

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